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    Hi Kenra--Sorry to be so late responding to your request about the name of the Acupuncture Clinic I went to in Oklahoma City a couple of years ago, but I have been gone for the past 16 days.

    The name of the Clinic is Balanced Healing Medical Center, and the number is 405-942-1725.

    They offer many kinds of treatment there, and I was impressed with how clean, efficient, and knowledgeable the people were. Besides the Electrical Acupuncture, they also examine your body type to see if you are a "hot" or "cold" body type in order to specifically design a high quality Chinese herb/vitamin regime for you. I was a "hot" body type, and the herbs they gave me worked wonders on my arthritis(s), psoriasis, and skin.

    While Acupuncture is used for almost every ailment, I took a month's medical leave from my job here in Montana as I had advanced degenerative disc disease with multiple back problems and was in devastating pain. I was desperate, and at that time--receiving no help that worked here. My Mom who lives about an hour from OKC heard about this clinic as well known sports celebrities go there, and she saw an article about it in the OKC newspaper. I called the Center and told them my situation; that I had limited time, and they set up the initial date for my assessment and treatments to begin. I had electrical acupuncture sessions every other day for a month (you have to have a day between sessions), was given 7.5 lortab, and selected herbs/vitamins to treat my back problems, arthritis(s), FM, and psoriasis.

    I am phobic about needles, so you can imagine how desperate I was for help. However, I didn't even know when he put the needles in. He then attached little cables to the needles that were attached to a small black box that sent electrical currents down the needles to the affected areas. The whole session lasted 15 minutes. He gave me the little black box to turn the current on as high as I was comfortable with, and it didn't take long before I was able to turn it to the highest level.

    I didn't notice any difference in my back pain until the first morning of the third week---and like a Miracle I woke up that morning expecting the usual, angushing pain--but it was gone. And the herbs/vitamins they gave me and told me exactly how to take worked like Magic. My severe case of psoriasis all over my body was completely gone, and my skin felt like velvet. My face literally glowed, and there was not a blemish of any kind any where on my entire body. My legs, arms, torso, entire skin felt like smooth silk. And, I didn't need the weekly 7.5 lortab anymore they had been giving me for the first two weeks. The Electrical Acupuncture worked on every ache & pain I had from the degenerative disc disease and multiple back problems, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and psoriasis, menopausal symptoms--everything I listed in my initial assessment. It was truly incredible even though I was quite skeptical when I first went in for treatments.

    It is like they tell you there--you don't have to believe in it....just keep an open mind and give it adequate time to work. It does take a little time for it to become effective--but I literally woke up the morning of that 3rd week with NO pain anywhere. And though I don't remember the exact cost for each session--it was surprisingly reasonable and so were the cost of the herbs/vitamins. However, the initial assessment cost the most--I think that was $100. The bottles of high quality Chinese herbs/vitamins that I got cost $10 to $18 for a month's supply (depending on how many they tell you to take and what ones they prescribe or put together for you). For me, it was the best money I've ever spent for my medical conditions.

    The Center treats all kinds of illnesses, and the Clinic was always packed with people. Appointments are necessary as they are booked constantly, and you have to have the initial assessment first where you tell them what all is wrong with you.

    One lady in the stall next to me told me that she had cancer, and after going through all that traditional medicine had to offer (chemo & etc.) that she was sent home to die and given 2 months at best to live. She heard about the Healing Center and started electrical acupuncture, specialized herbs/vitamins selected and/or made up for her. I asked her how she was doing as she looked perfectly healthy and was getting ready to go play tennis after her session. She told me she had been getting treatments for a year, and no trace of her cancer could now be found. Another lady I met was being treated for severe diabetes, and prior to coming to the Healing Center had been told they were going to have to amputate her left leg. At that point she left traditional medicine and came to the Healing Center, started treatments, and two years later still had both legs, was not on any kind of insulin or traditional diabetes medication, but had regular electrical acupuncture sessions plus the herbs/vitamins selected specifically for her condition. She told me she never felt better in her life. And, I met so many people there in the waiting rooms and in the stalls that had unbelieveable stories of success there at the Healing Center. There were children and people of all ages there.

    They design a program specifically for you along with the herbs/vitamins and whatever they think you need. You have regular electrical acupuncture sessions until you reach a certain level of wellness, and then you go on maintenance sessions.

    I hope this has been of some help to you, and that I didn't talk your ear off giving you more information than you asked for--but I was so completely astounded & impressed by the results I got that I just can't say enough good things about that Center. I believe had I been able to stay in OKC and continue with the treatments that I would not have the problems I have now nor be on any medication except for the vitamins/herbs they gave me. But I had to come back to Montana, and there is no such Center around here.

    Best Wishes to you. If you decide to try it--please let me know how you are doing. Blessings, Carol....
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    I was wondering what herbs you were taking. I have found many instances of herbs that have the same properties as presriptions meds, many claim with less side effects.

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    Hi Kimberly~~I was put on 4 different bottles each a mixture of various herbs, vitamins, and fruits. For the FM, degenerative disc disease, and osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis I was put on Mobility 3 which contains 750mgs of Kirin Ginseng Root, Cinnamon Twig, Rehmannia Root, Ho-shou-wu Root, Loranthus Stem, Tang-kuel Root, Cistanche Root, Ardsia Gigantifolia Root, Chiang-huo Rhizome, Du-huo-Root, San Qi Root, Milletia Root, Asarum Herb, Tinospora Root, Chaenomelis Fruit, and Achyranthes Root.

    The other three were called Coptis Purge Fire, Astra Essence, and Nine Flavor Tea. The Astra Essence & Nine Flavor Tea completely did away with my severe psoriasis and menopausal symptoms and made my skin unbelieveably clear, blemish-free, soft, feel like pure silk, and actually made my face and skin look 10 years younger.

    The Coptis Purge Fire was used for a bad kidney infection I had when I got there. It relieved all symptoms the first day, and the infection was totally cleared up in three days.

    They have an enormous pantry filled with hundreds of various herbs/vitamins/fruits/mineral mixtures. Plus, they also make up their own tonics particular to your special needs.

    Alot of people go there just to buy the herbs/etc. However, the doctors there determine whether or not your body is a cold or hot body balance and believe that in order for herbs/vitamins, etc. to work on your particular body type that you have to use the right ones suited for your body type. They said many people just buy herbs & vitamins that do not work with their body type, and therefore, receive no true benefit from them.

    These are high quality Chinese herbs/vitamins, etc. at an extremely reasonable cost. And, I was amazed at how effective they were because after 50 years of trying all kinds of vitamin/herb regimes that I had purchased at Health Stores and getting poor results--I was really skeptical. However, their approach to using herbs/vitamins and the kind they use worked wonders for me, and I became a believer in their treatments.

    You can call their number listed above, and they will send you an entire folder of their Center, what they offer, what the treatments do, and all about their herbs & vitamins.

    Hope you are having a good day. Thanks for your interest, Carol......
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    i live in ada ok,was wondering if you know of any good doc?
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    I have lived in Montana for 16 years now. My Mother and family live in Oklahoma, and when I was in so much pain and not receiving any help here, my Mother suggested I go to the Balanced Healing Medical Center in OKC.

    I would strongly recommend you contact that Center for a physician. They do many things there. Treat the body holistically. I know if I still lived in Oklahoma that is where I would go. That is where I would spend my last dime.

    After two weeks of treatments there, I no longer needed the opioid they gave me--only the herbs & acupuncture. I also had no problems with my asthma, allergies, or other ailments. Totally amazing!

    I drive 68 miles roundtrip to see a physician once a month to get my meds refilled; to see the Pain Specialist every six months to update my meds; to see the Orthopedist once a year who reiterates that there is nothing he can do, and it costs me a good deal of money even with insurance. If I lived in Oklahoma, I would be more than thrilled to drive to the Healing Center once a month for the kind of care and treatment I got there.

    Again, the number is 405-942-1725. It is easy to get to in OKC, good parking, easy access.

    Hope you try it! Let me know if you do as I would be interested in how you are doing. Blessings, Carol...
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    wow, thanks for the info. I must admit that I was and probably still am somewhat skeptical of the herb thing. However, the more I study, the more I realize that often times there are many herbs in nature that we humans work so hard to manufacture in the lab. What is even funnier is that I drive past this place almost daily and kept thinking about it. It seems to me the holistic community really tries to help and not say it is in your head, (no offense to the Docs who didn't say this).
    Thanks for the information!
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    ifuwouldjust>>>>>where are you? Hope you are well.
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    thank you for the inf,i'll let you know how i'm doing if i go.take care. dora
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    Are you out there?