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    hi i am jodie..inoticed your reply in regards to the ssdi ? for children...i just want to say i am in your same boat...mine owes over 19K...and now i have just found out i am not getting child support again for soe reason the ex said...he told me they didn't take out money on his check last week...

    and he got laid off for about 2 weeks..he is a pipefitter in a union...they take care of him though..

    well i just wanted to say keep your chin up...and be fornuate that you ssdi can take care of your necessaities...

    mine will only cover my rent on a two bedroom apt..and that is it...i live in california and it is expensive here...son is a sophomore in high school and after he finishes w/school i am going to have to dig in and probably move...maybe bac to michigan...

    hugs to you