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    DEAR Jacibart:
    I just read your post for hiriskrn, and had to write.
    Please, please, know that you are not alone. I understand where you are coming from. I lost my good, high paying job with excellent health insurance and went to no income and no health insurance. No one would give me insurance due to fms and depression, Imagine that????? So, I know how you feel.
    I am in the processes of applying for SSD due to fms, and have an attorney who is very helpful and hopeful with this!!! I don't know if you have tried to apply for this yet but please give it a try. You always get turned down. So get a good attorney who has actually won a few fms cases and get started. You have nothing to lose. I know you are worried about money for the attorney, BUT you don't have to pay til you win, or if you don't you should just have to pay for filing papers, etc. My attorney says this amounts to 2 or 300 dollars, that's all.
    So look around for a good, honest attorney. My first attorney wanted a 2500 dollar retained up front, and I ran from him as fast as I could and found a wonderful one. He's in Tennessee. I understand you are in the Spokane area??? I wonder if the climate up there is contributing to your fibro???? I know humid weather in any form is awful for my pain.
    I hope this will help. Please hang in there. God is with you through all this and will never let you down. You have lots of friends here at the message board who love and care about you.
    lol - hugs and prayers.
    northwoods sue
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    I checked on the ss, it would be 780 per mo, have not attempted it, it feels to me if I do that that I am giving up and my hubby is still holding out hope on a cure of some sort, I am asking my doc today for the info on that new synaps brain thing that is on the home page, 2nd article down, hopefully that is an option.