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    Hi,I think I read that you worked in the NH for awhile. I don't really understand very much about short or long term disability from the workplace. Do they have this at nursing homes. This is a non profit,run by a church. If they do, what do I ask for and what do I do about it. Any advice will be helpful.

    Thank you, Keke
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    I dont live in NH but NY. I worked long term care and originally went out on disability while working there. I collected State Disability payments for I think 24 weeks. I cant remember how long now although it was only 2 years ago.

    Im sure every other state has State Disability. You just need your doctor to fill out forms. Ask your employer. I had to use all my sick time and vacation time first. Then my employer got the ball rolling with the insurance company they used. Go to HR and ask would be my suggestion.

    Good luck.