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  1. bpmwriter

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    hi jeanne,

    i'm under treatment by the ffc in atlanta. the doc there has decided to put me on the questran detox and i know you're an expert, or at least very familiar :)

    did you do a vitamin c flush before you started? did you take fiber or something else to keep everything moving??

    any general advice?

    i'm a little intimidated given the up and down immune response i've been experiencing already from transfer factor and the anti-viral i'm taking. questran seems more like one of those things you attempt on its own! but at least i have a head start, right? i believe i remember you posting that you wished you'd gotten your infection load down a little before starting the detox.

    EDIT: i just located a few good posts from jillian with good info on the protocol. it reminded me of another question, how do i get the sugar-free version of questran? is the generic sugar-free?

    be well,
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  2. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    jeanne?? bueller? bueller?? :)))
  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    too many questions, and a bugger of a headache for me atm. So I'll focus on the most salient. I would NOT recommend taking on Questran right now too. there is another thread about someone feeling bombarded w/ too many treatments at once. If you don't need Questran you won't feel much, if you need it, it will knock you for a loop, and all by itself too.

    I think it was Mikie who said, TF's and antivirals are a bit too much to be on simultaneously. Or maybe the point was more that they can block some of the effectiveness of the other out.

  4. Jen102

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    do they want you to take the questran with the other treatments because they think the pathogens (viruses) are causing neurotoxins, and that you should be moving them out while using the other treatments so the toxins don't settle in your brain? i would want to know a bit more of their reasoning. i agree that questran is a nasty treatment for some--may make you extremely sick--while some have few bad effects--just like about every other treatment, don't you think? some get benefits with few problems, others are knocked down. i am wary of things that will "make you worse before you get better" when you are already extremely low. Jen102
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  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I hope other people jump in too. There are others who did Questran as well.

    I'm not up to remembering all my Questran details yet, but I'll say I'm not a fan of the vit. C flush. I just don't see the point giving yourself diarrhea on purpose before taking a potentially harsh drug taht can make your intestines raw.

  6. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    i'm going to finish up the transfer factor and acyclovir before i attempt the questran. i'm going to remain on the hormones i'm taking, the probiotics and klonopin for sleep at night, and just concentrate on the questran for one month to see how i do on it. after cleaning out the pipes, i can return to the immune support duties if necessary.

    jeanne, your comments about making your intestines raw make me thing you're not a big fan of the protocol. do you feel you gained any long-term benefits?

  7. HamiltonON

    HamiltonON New Member

    The only side effect I had (and was told it would happen) was constipation. This was easily dealt with by taking a fiber supplement - away from the Questran.

    I think the most important thing to do in order to have a successful outcome with Questran is to realize it has to be taken away from other foods and meds. So...the most conservative approach is to take it one hour before and two hours after other food or meds/supplements. I took it first thing in the morning then had breakfast an hour later. Then an hour before lunch, an hour before dinner then 2 hours after. The supplements or meds you take should be taken with meals. If there are supplements/meds you cannot take with meals, you may have to be more creative with your timing.

    If you take Questran too close to food or meds/supplements, you may be defeating the concept of how it works for us.
  8. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    The generic is cholestyramine, and I think it comes sugared, or not. I just asked the pharma for the sugar free, it was the same price, but I'm covered for perscriptions anyway.

    I'm so glad to see HamiltonON posting again. I'm happy for you (but green w/ envy) that Questran worked so well, and the treatment was easy on you, and, you have lasting results. I unfortunately had none of that. But I definitely don't want to knock the treatment because of my experience. When it works for someone, it really really works, like in your case.