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    Jelly - I just happened upon your earlier post to Marcus about Elavil & the immune system and wanted to mention something. I have had chronic yeast infections for four years (even before my CFS became apparent) and quite often get opportunistic UTI's . . . I was on Elavil for 6 months & during that time had not one infection. When I had to go off of it I got them back. I don't know how it was doing that . . . I almost felt like it was boosting my immune system. I saw Dr. Cheney's article on Klonopin which also talked about the tricyclic doxepin which he says is also an immune modulator . . . maybe tricyclics are?? I also found out that Elavil is an antihistamine as well. My immune system also seems to be on full force -- flushing, over-reacting to everything, but not keeping away yeast infections . . . I think this may all just be evidence of the TH2 activation of the immune system. Did he respond back with info on Elavil suppressing the immune system?? My doctor and I had been trying to figure out why Elavil stopped the infections . . . Thanks! Terri
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    I think that is possible (just not all of the good bacteria or I don't think our digestive tracts would function). Also in Dr. Cheney's articles on the TH1/TH2 info. he says the TH1 side is the side that fights yeast, so that would make sense if we are TH2 activated . . . we aren't activating the right part of our immune system to kill the yeast.

    although I have seen other articles saying our overactive immune systems zap viruses (but Dr. Cheney says viruses are killed my TH1 side also) hmmm . . . that part puzzles me. Also, Dr. Cheney says cancer is also battled by TH1, but another article I read said there is not a higher incidence of cancer in CFS than in the normal population. Definitely a puzzle.

    Thanks so much for the great info you provide . . . I've been doing a lot of research myself and I particularly appreciated the article that you titled "how this crud gets a hold of us" or something like that . . . it brought everything together. Made a lot of sense with things that have happened to me personally with MSG, Nutrasweet, Cortisol, etc.

    Take care, Terri