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    Hey Jelly,
    Welcome back. Have I got a book you just have to
    read! I just ran across the following article about
    autoimmune disease and because you have been
    researching CFS and autoimmune disease I wanted
    to draw your attention to it. It is taken from the
    book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About
    Menopause The Breakthrough Book On Natural
    Progesterone” by Dr. John Lee page 258.

    Autoimmune disorders are those disease states in
    which your own antibodies attack some gland or
    tissue in your body. Normally your antibodies
    protect you from harmful invaders, but in this case
    they go after normal tissue, The actual cause is
    generally never found. Autoimmune disorders, in
    general, are more common in women. Why should
    this be? It is natural to suspect estrogen, the one
    hormone that is more plentiful in women than men
    over the course of a lifetime. After follicle depletion
    or menopause, some women make less progesterone
    than men of the same age. The onset of autoimmune
    disorders is often middle age, when estrogen
    dominance becomes common. Hashimoto’s
    thyroiditis, Sjogren’s disease, Grave’s disease (toxic
    goiter), and lupus erythematosus are all not only
    more common in women, but appear to be related to
    estrogen supplementation or estrogen dominance.
    Recent studies have shown that women who use
    hormone replacement therapy containing estrogen
    are more likely to get lupus.
    Many of my patients with autoimmune disease who
    began using natural progesterone to relieve
    menopausal symptoms reported that their disease
    symptoms also gradually abated. This is a clinical
    question that haunts my mind: Is this an
    unrecognized symptom of estrogen toxicity, or the
    fact that progesterone itself may “tune down” the
    antibody-modulated disorder? Further research
    would be nice.”

    On the front page of the Immune Support website
    there is an article “Understanding Chronic Fatigue
    Syndrome” by Jill McLaughlin that talks about how
    CFS is much more common in women:
    “Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) disproportionately
    affects women, but has long been under-recognized
    and under-diagnosed”
    “CFS was found to be more common in women,
    with 522 females per 100,000 versus 291 males per
    100,000. When comparing the prevalence of CFS in
    women to the prevalence of other diseases, CFS
    emerges as a serious women's health concern.”

    You mentioned something about Hashimoto’
    thyroiditis in one of your other posts. Well Dr. John
    Lee’s book, mentioned above, has quite a bit to say
    about thyroid hormones, progesterone and
    Hashimoto’s disease. He states that estrogen
    dominance is common in women who take thyroid

    p.146 “When I attempted to correct their estrogen
    dominance by adding progesterone, it was common
    to see that their need for thyroid supplements
    decreased and could often be successfully
    eliminated. Thus I became aware that estrogen,
    progesterone and thyroid hormones are
    p.148 “It has been my experience in practice that
    when a woman with Hashimoto’s thyoiditis is given
    progesterone for osteoporosis, for example, there
    results a gradual diminution in the severity and
    sometimes a complete resolution of the thyroiditis
    problem. One can hypothesize that estrogen
    dominance may have had a hand in triggering the
    errant antibodies and thus correcting the estrogen
    dominance leads to gradual correction of the
    problem. Progesterone is also the main precursor of
    corticosteroids and in progesterone-deficient
    women, restoration of normal progesterone levels
    may enhance normal corticosteroid production, thus
    suppressing the autoimmune attack.”
    p.124 “The adrenal cortex is also capable of making
    progesterone, principally for its precursor role in
    making corticosteroids, but many women are so
    stressed out trying to work, raise children, and be
    wives that by the time they’re in their mid- to late
    thirties or early forties their adrenal glands have
    nothing left to give. My guess is that when Western
    women stop making progesterone in their ovaries
    and their adrenal cortex and brain need to pick up
    100 percent of that function to produce
    corticosteroids, there isn’t much progesterone left
    over for other functions, such as balancing estrogen
    levels. The adrenals of many women in Western
    culture are so depleted they can’t even make enough
    progesterone to make the corticosteroids. This may
    be an important factor in chronic fatigue syndrome,
    which is so common in women in their midthirties
    and early forties.”

    Dr. Lee says that in today’s lifestyle women don’t
    get the natural progesterone from food that they
    used to due to poor diet and over processed food
    (and perhaps hormone laden foods from steroid fed livestock).

    In a previous post I tried to show how I may have
    developed estrogen dominance from antibiotics
    which produced candida. Candida can have a direct
    effect on hormone levels and if left uncorrected can
    cause a great deal of problems. Antibiotics may also
    stress out the adrenals. I tried to show that
    endometriosis which is much greater in women with
    CFS than what is normally found in the general
    population could also result from estrogen
    dominance, even in men. The Endometriosis Assoc.
    for a long time recommended treating candida and
    balancing hormone levels as part of their treatment
    plan for endometriosis. It is aimed at righting
    hormone imbalances (estrogen dominance?)

    Look at the problems Dr. Lee believes are caused by
    estrogen dominance- high blood pressure, allergies,
    endometriosis. He has touched on everything I’ve
    been complaining about and given answers to so
    many of my observations for which my doctors
    couldn’t. This book is addressing so many problems
    I have run into with this disease and offering
    plausible answer as to why I and others could be
    having the symptoms associated with CFS that I’m
    changing my whole direction and looking more
    closely at estrogen dominance and it’s role in CFS.
    There is so much more in the book that I can’t even
    begin to go into it in this short letter.

    I think you may find this book as interesting as I did.

    I would urge caution to anyone thinking about
    taking hormone supplements such as progesterone.
    I have seen reports of progesterone possibly causing
    cancer. Hormone supplements should be strictly
    monitored by a doctor because they can cause really
    serious problems (and you think you got problems

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    I find it very interesting. I have long thought that hormones play a very big part in many illnesses and that all our hormones are related to one another.

    Love, Mikie