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    Thank you so much for all you are doing. I know only too well how hard work of this nature is when you're ill.

    I have posted a topic to see whether others can do something too.

    If everyone of us, and all other CFS/FM patients, their relatives and friends, let the powers that be know just how devastating these DDs are then we could start making progress.

    Equally if we just sit there and leave it to others we will fail.

    We need to get our message across loud and clear.

    Education is the means by which ignorance is addressed.


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    So sorry to hear your 2 kids are sick too.

    I've been ill for 22 years but learnt a lot in that time.

    My son became ill at 14 and we had a dreadful time with the doctors and education authorities.

    However, what I had already learnt helped him. Being young and starting things straight away I am sure helped. Made sure he paced himself, healthy appropiate diet, supps ++++.

    Anyway he still has problems but a wholly different life now. Ups and downs occur but he's at university and has a part time evening job. This takes its toll but eventually he does recover.



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