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    I would LOVE to have some simple crafts to make for family each year. I have always worked so hard outside my home that this hasn't been an option for me, but now I could begin this tradition. I don't watch the craft shows on TV since I stopped working 5 weeks ago, because I am NOT gonna get into the TV thing each day!! I am trying to stick to a routine and TV is not gonna be part of it!!! This is really important to me. I used to make beautiful handwoven baskets when my kids were young as well as fresh wreaths at Christmas time, but this is not posible now due to my pain. BUT, simple, personalized crafts would be such a nice gift. I would LOVE some ideas. Thank you for your reply to my post about my Fibro-Fog booboo!!!
    With love,
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    Your welcome for my reply. I am with you about the TV, I never turn it on it's always the Kids and hubby when they return home every day. What I usually do every year after Christmas is I hit the craft shops. I don't know if you have a Michaels or a JoAnn Fabrics or a Hobby Lobby. I wait a week or more after Christmas or any Holiday for that matter. Usually everyting is picked over but it really doesn't matter. I look for things that are 75% to 90% clearanced out. Like the plaster of paris ornaments for this year. It was an entire kit with the molds, the paints, and the plaster of paris in it. it had a couple of paint brushes everything you need right in it and i got it for less then $3.00. I did have to go out and buy more paint brushes but I got really nice ones, six in a pack for $1.95 at Walmart. I made 13 ornaments and still have a second bag of plaster of paris for another years worth. I also buy the big bags of "woodsies" is what they call them. Right on the package it shows you the little things that you can make with them. Like one bag i have has clowns, frogs, bears, and bunnies. These are big bags for $3.00 and you can make quite a few with them. Inside it gives you step by step instructions on how to put them together too. There is so many things that you can make that are so inexpensive and has your own little touch to them. At Michaels craft stores they actually have little flyers you can tear off and take with you for free to make crafts. it gives you the list of supplies you need and the how to do it instructions. I often times will take the flyers and after the holidays go out and buy the supplies when they are marked down and save it for another year to do. You obviously have a great talent yourself Kaddy if you made hand woven baskets and fresh wreaths how beautiful! Wow that would be so neat. For the last two years i have made home made gifts because we lost my income due to this and raising a family on $12.00 an hour is horrible. Last year I made the grandchildren gifts too. I cross stitched all their names and Jeff made the frames at work and brought them home to me. I stained and pollied them. Used the coupons out of the Michaels ad for 50% off one item each week. I bought the plastic and cut it out to cover the front and the next week I bought with the coupon the sticky backed hard cardboard I centered their names on it and cut it all out and put them together and put a little hook to hang on the wall for them. It is more time consuming then anything i think. I have teenage nephews and so I did their names in their school colors and they are so proud of them. It is really amazing how little things mean so much to all ages.
    But all kinds of stores have all Holiday decor. I find things at Walmart on Clearance too that i pick up. If I had a computer camera, which I may be getting from my mom. If I do and you want I can send some pictures to you of what I have done to help you with some ideas. I would honestly have to say what I do really does not cost much it is just the time it takes to do it. That is why i usually am doing stuff all year long that way i can get it done.
    Hope this helps you for some ideas, I know the struggle you have Kaddy we do too.
    Merry Christmas,