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    Hi Just,
    You mentioned that you are on State Disability and awaiting SSDI? So am I, but I think you must have been waiting longer. I h=just applied for SSDI in October and in Novemebr decided to take CA. state Disability in the meantime. (I need some $$!)
    Do know whether or not we will be required to "pay back" our state disability or if what we have received through the state would be deducted from our SS back pay, once approved?
    I'm thinking it shouldn't because we pay seperately into the State Disability Insurance. This is what's so aggrivating about SSI. We pay into it. It's our $$! It's so easy to get the Stae Disability we pay into - also our $$, so why should SS deny our $$?!!!!

    Also, did you extend your state disability? Was that hard to do?

  2. justlooking

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    did reply not sure if you saw it but took it out for personal reasons. will respond again if you need me to. hopefully you saw it the first time and got the answer you were looking for.[This Message was Edited on 02/21/2007]

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