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    Haven't seen you on board yet, hope your ok....
    How did the MRI go?



    Haven't seen you on board yet, hope your ok....
    How did the MRI go?

  3. kadywill

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    Oh my Lord, why didn't you tell me the MRI was gonna be SO scary???? I thought I was gonna die in there, but I was too ashamed to admit it to the tech, so I used imagery to take me to my happy place and I got through it. Oh, I hope and pray I don't hafta ever have another one! I remember my father being unable to tolerate the claustrophobia, but I thought I was not that phobic. I thought it'd be like a tanning wasn't. It was loud, cold, cramped and I felt smothered and fearful the whole time. If I'd have thought I'd react like this, I'd have taken a sedative or a muscle relaxant, but I hadn't a clue!! Whew...........
    I asked the tech if she saw anything and she said, "I thought you said the pain was in your RIGHT buttock." I said that it was and asked her if she saw something in the left side and she said she saw a few things wrong and that it was a good thing that I had this done. She was sending the report on over to the Radiologist and I hope my doc'll be in tomorrow a.m. so that I can see if he has heard anything. I may be able to go to my workplace and pull up the results on the computer. The tech SHOULD be able to recognize some abnormalities, shouldn't she? I'd rather they find SOMETHING, you know, 'cause I KNOW the pain has been excruciating! The patches and the Vicodin and the Mobic and the Soma and the Ultram have done their job, too!

    Thanks for the concern!!!!!
    Love you bunches!
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    Being inside that is weird--huh? I really kept convincing myself it didn't feel like being in a coffin!

    I would have crawled out the bottom of it somehow in a caterpillar motion, but I had just met two 80-90 year old woman in the dressing room (one with a walker) who both had just finished and said it was a piece of pride refused me to exit that thing!

    I've been for another since then, and instead of a happy place, I just envision those two brave souls.
    Hope your results point you in a good direction--whether its health, or a plan of action to regain it!
    Best Wishes,


    I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid I would get you all upset. Some people can take it , some can't.
    I for one am one of those scardy cats.
    The first time I had one I was on my stomach and only had
    half my body in there and it was a piece of cake.
    But, the second time I was in there I was on my back and facing up and oh my god! After a few minutes it took every bit of my will power not to become hysterical and start screaming for them to let me out! I kept tilting my head back enough so I could at least see part of the ceiling and
    not feel like I was stuck in a coffin.
    I found out later from some other people that some places give you a mild sedative or let you use earphones for music.
    My cousin told me she had to have her husband down at the other end holding her ankle so she wouldn't be scared.
    I know they now have "Open MRI" but I don't know how much or even if the Ins. pays for it.
    But I'll tell you one thing, if I ever have to have another one, I'll ask for an "Open" one first and if not, then they are going to have to sedate me pretty good. (LOL)
    Keep us posted on what you hear from the Doctor........

  6. sapphire

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    Sorry it was so uncomfortable for you. I was getting one and someone was screaming and I asked what was wrong and they said they were getting an MRI. Not being claustrophobic myself, I had no idea this would be so bad for some people.
    My husband is an x-ray tech and they can see things on them so if she told you she saw something then I'd say there is something wrong. I hope it's nothing too serious. I know exactly what you mean wanting them to find something. I've been through the same thing.

    Take care,
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    I've probably had a dozen of these done. As long as I keep my eyes closed, I'm fine..just listen to the music in those headphones but sure do not like the pounding that machine makes. I may be claustrophobic if in a completely closed up area.

    Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with the MRI. They can give you something for the claustrophobia before the procedure. Now that you know being in a tight place causes you anxiety, you can ask for a med to relax you the next time around.

  8. karen55

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    I've had 4 of them. The first time I had one they gave me a Valium to get through it. They also gave me headphones to wear and let me choose the radio station I wanted. That helped a lot. The Valium relaxed me. BUT - Valium makes me extremely mean, and later that afternoon I was ripping heads off. I decided then that I wouldn't take Valium if I ever had to have another. The first time I had one without it nearly freaked me out in the beginning, but I quickly discovered that if I kept my eyes closed and focused on the music and breathing, I was OK. The last 2 didn't bother me. The worst thing about the MRI (just my opinion) is the noise, it reminded me of being on a street that was being jackhammered, or being on a construction site.

    Kady, please do share with us what the results of your MRI are. As for the pain, it's possible to have something wrong on one side, and have referred pain on the other side.

    Hang in there......