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    Pain and isolation are definitely symptons of the disease. Since I stopped worked 8 years ago I cannot believe I am the same person. I just want to be alone- I'm happy with my books, music and walks on the beach. I do understand the church situation. We relocated here on the East Coast from the West Coast and have struggled to find a church family. My husband and I are so discouraged we have not been to church in a long time. Fm is a real lonely disease-
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    Yes, this is a very lonely disease. I get tired of explaining to people what is the matter with me, besides most really don't want to hear about it any way. I just don't feel like I really fit in at the church I am going to now. I started going there because one of my daughters goes there all the time(her boyfriend and his family go there too). It is so hard to find a new church you feel comfortable going to. I'd like to find one closer to home also, my old church is about 30 miles away, and a lot of the time I don't feel like driving that far. Well Good luck finding a church to attend yourself!
    Take Care,
    and I hope you have a pain free evening!
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    I know exactly how you feel. I used to be a real people person, especially the young people. But due to this illness I found that my energy levels were getting worst and worst.

    I moved to the country 9 years ago, and like you I love my books, some music, certain tv programs (mostly the CSI and Law & Order, Without A Trace, Jag), computer, gardening (in a small way compared to before this hit so hard) are my favorites.

    I feed the wildbirds/sqirrels/rabbits/ deer/ and even an occasional bear on the property.

    As for a church home, I have the same problem you both do. If you read my profile you will see how active I was in my home church before I moved. Its now 65 miles from where I live now. NOt a chance of going there anymore, plus I could never keep up the pace I did then.

    I quit telling new people I meet that I have FM, if I have to say anything I simply say that I have a 'bad back', that they seem to understand!
    Its an easy way out and I don't get all those; 'Fibro WHAT??'strange expressions, and incredulous looks from them.

    I miss going to church very much, but between not being able to attend frequently(due to the morning fog) the explaining the reason 'why', and the above expressions, I just gave up on it.

    I read my Bible, still study it, and my prayer life is not suffering from not attending church. I am not out of Fellowship, just out of the church loop!

    I am not lonely, just miss some of the things I used to do so easily.

    My husband works for an oil company so he is gone weeks, sometimes months at a time, which leaves me alone. But I do like myself and enjoy the peace and solitude.

    A lot of us live this way, some by choice, like myself and others because they are so ill.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I read you bio, seems we have a lot in common, haha! I have 4 great danes, 2 mutts, and 3 yorkies. I love animals, I also have 3 horses, and an avairy. I love to read too, I collect hard cover books, and have quite a library. I collect dolls too. I am the editor of my quilt guild newsletter. I love to sew quilts when my hands aren't too sore, especially baby quilts for my one and only grandbaby(Gabrielle). She will be one year old next month. I have 5 kids ages 21-13, 3 girls, 2 boys. Teenagers will drive a person insane. I have a wonderful husband, don't know what I would ever do without him. I do not have a green thumb, no plant is safe with me, haha! I have just recently gotten into photography, which I love. I can always keep myself occupied, always something to do. I just hate it when I get to where I can't do much. We live in Georgia, have for years.
    I like your dogs pictures, I had a boxer once, she chased my horses so bad I had to find her a new home. But they are pretty dogs.
    Tace Care!