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    Hey KittyKat,
    I'm Kelly, from Houston as well. My 25th b-day was on the 3rd. Happy Birthday to you tomorrow. Tomorrow's my husband's 28th.
    I live in Kingwood, actually, and was glad to see someone else on this board so close to home. You can check out my bio to find out more. It's been a while since visiting the board, glad I came back to find someone close.
    This DD is hard to deal with. I have endo, fibro, CFS, and Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. I've checked around for support groups on the North side, which there aren't any. The only ones are on the south side. I don't know if you have a good doc, but there is a wonderful one, Dr. Patricia Salvato, at Twelve Oaks. She's a rhuemy that specializes in CFS/FM.
    Hope to hear from you.
    P.S. I take it from your name that you like cats. I've got a 4 year old male tuxedo cat named Oreo. How about you?
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    Thanks and nice to meet you. I lived out in Kingwood a few years ago and miss it so much. I lived off lake Houston, but work put me on the sw side.
    I am excite to see another Houstonian here on the side. Honestly I have been to many doctors in the past year, and think I finally found a good one!!!
    if you don't mind, do you work, and what do you do?
    I work full-time for American Greetings Corp. I have been with them now for about 7 years and really enjoy it. Very stressful, but I am learning not to stress as much. I am being transfered to the Galleria come March 28, and not looking forward to the drive! :)
    Nice to meet you and keep in touch!