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    Hi Klutzo - did you meet Kim? Isn't she fantastically nice? In any case, I *hope* that their theory if correct, that we (CFIDSers) all don't have brain damage (except, perhaps, a little bit to the hypothalamus and a teeny weeny bit to the left temporal lobe?), but only brain dysfunction, and that that's reversible. I'm in the process of doing the neurofeedback, and I'll let you know if I think I've improved owing to it. Expensive, yes, but if I loose my job, this will cost me a lot more in the long run ...
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    Yes, Kim is very nice and helpful. I sure hope this works for you. Do you live near Charlotte, or are you renting one of the home units? How many sessions have you had so far? Do you notice anything yet? Is your dx CFS or FMS?
    Yes, please do keep us informed. I figure with travel-time, ext. this would cost me about $7,500, and that is a conservative est.
    I have not been able to work for 17 yrs., so it would have to make me well enough to work full-time in order to get the money back. Part-time would not be enough, since my disability already equals a part-time job and I get Medicare, while part-time jobs provide no health I can't afford to do that.
    If you are still working, I can see where this money would be worth it if you can keep your job, and I pray you will be able to get the same sort of results that Father Troll got with Neurotherapy. (He is a guy who used to come here, but thanks to Neurotherapy, he has gone back to his life).