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    I believe your the one who is reading the book,Overcoming thyroid disorders??(by David Brownstein)
    I grabbed one at the library and am quite into it~Almost done! Wow!pretty interesting~ I wonder if most of us are hypothyroid?The author estimates that 80% of us are! I'm happy to see the chapter on Detoxification~Lots of really good info in there!!I was'nt aware of the importance of selenium,or sweating for that matter!! Just wanted to say thanks for suggesting this book,I'm getting alot out of it~
    Hope your day is going well:)
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    I ordered my copy from Amazon...have not gotten it yet. Glad you like it. I'm looking forward to putting my insomnia to good use to read it!
    Please see my post on the book I just finished under "Adrenal Fatigue". That author also says 80% of us have hypothryoid. He disagrees with the treatments we have been talking about here though. He prefers glandulars to drugs. I've been afraid of them since they aren't standardized and the dosages can vary. Also, some of them have nothing in them but corn starch! Then there is possible parasite contamination. I'll have to discuss this with my doctor.
    Have you decided to change anything you are doing after reading the book?
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    For now I just plan on adding Selenium to my pile of supplements.And the thought of sitting in a steamy sauna for 10 minutes is inviting!(and helpful....after you've read the book you'll see)Thanks for the next suggestion on the Adrenals,I have to still read that post and replys.
    Take care......thanks for sharing your knowledge!
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    Her doc said that selenium is one of the most important things we can take for allergies and other immune problems.

    Love, Mikie