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    I have been thinking that this DD maybe caused by Anxiety. Not knowing how to deal with emtional pain and physical pain. I live with the Fight or Flight in full gear every day since I was about six, I'm 58. It is something that I can't turn off. I think that being this way has affected my whole body. I have noticed that when I go on vacation and away from my family that I feel 90% better.The only pain that I have is from my injury from work. I have been out of work since 1987 and I get SSD & Workman comp for that. I recently was gone for five weeks. I slept 9 hours a night every single night that I was gone. At home I don't get a good night sleep.The FM pain is almost gone. I went to garage sales with my daughter for five hours one saturday. It never bothered me.If I was at home I would have spent the next three days in bed. When I lived in St.Pete ( we have been here for four years) and went to the beach, every time I went across the bridge to the beach it felt as though I was able to leave all the pain behind. I was able to walk the beach almost pain free. I usually spent four hours at the beach. It was so peaceful, just the beach and me.Just to be alone and not have a care in the world for a little while seems to lift me up some. Once I leave the beach and cross the bridge the pain comes back. This may sound strange but it does happen.It seems that what I experience with the pain might be tied to anxiety. Anxiety can do such damage to ones system. If you have an over load and don't know how to process it the right way I believe that we store it in our body some how. I am speaking for my self. I know this to be true for me at least. I have been pain free when I don't have any anxiety. Some of the FM symptons are gone too. But, this only happens when I am away from what or who is causing me anxiety. I went to the doctors in 1995 and asked her if I am causing the anxiety or is there something inside of me ( illness) causing it. Her answer was one word. PROZAC. That was all she said. I never took it. I needed a better answer than that.I have learned so much by comming to this place. I feel like I'm not crazy and not going to die. It has been such a big help. I used to keep a medical journal for years until one day I could write the word FIBROMYALGIA across the page. I had an answer to all my symptons. Why did you have all the test that you just had? did you ask for them or did the doctor say to have them? I have never had any test done. The doctor just checked the tender points. I have made a list of test that have been mentioned here and am going to ask the doctor about them when I see her next month. I still think that anxiety plays a part in this. Thank-you for listening to me. I would appreciate your thoughts on the anxiety. GAIL PS. When I run into some rough times I take Valium. One or two does the trick.
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    I see a holistic doctor, and their approach to fibro is much more agressive. That's why I had all those tests done. I have researched it for years and knew what to ask for as well.
    If you still live in the St.Pete area, try Dr. John DeCosma, who is the same type of doctor I use, and will not just brush you off with "Prozac". I am glad you did not take the Prozac, as I think it should be reserved for short-term use in severe depression only. I have heard Dr. DeCosma is good, and in fact, I will be seeing him next week, since my present doctor is too far away and I need to change to a closer one.
    I think fibro can come from many triggers and constant anxiety could surely be one of them, or at least it could predispose you to getting it. I was also hypervigilant in childhood due to my parents alcoholism and constant poverty. I think this sets up a pattern where we react to stress by tensing up, and where we view the world as dangerous and are always on guard.
    It is also possible to convert anxiety into physical symptoms like pain...this is a psychological problem called hysterical conversion. In order to find out if your problem is psychological, you need to see a Psychologist or Pyschiatrist and have some testing done, probably at least an MMPI (basic personality inventory). This test can spot all of the major psychiatric disorders.
    I'd recommend doing this anyway, because it seems your home situation is a big part of your problem, and whether your basic problem is physcial or mental, the home situation still needs to be dealt with, and therapy would prove invaluable in helping you do that. Even a purely physcial problem will not resolve in such an upsetting environment.
    Please get some other help and keep us posted on what happens,
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    I have been evaluated , I have an anxiety disorder and suffer from PTSD. I have been in therapy for about 16 years. It has helped very much. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks again for your reply. I will update after my doctors appt. Gail
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    Thanks for your reply. Thats one of the things that I am going to talk to the doctor about. You should see my list. I also enjoy reading your post along with alot of others. I have gotten so much info here. It is a great place to come.I to think that I may be addicted to it. But it is a go thing. Thanks again Jellybelly. Gail