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    Thanks for your kind offer of cloths. By the numbers of sizes you were saying i gather your not from the uk. If you want i can email you privately.


  2. kredca4

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    give you my E-mail addy. I see by your Bio that your Birthday is the day after mine, ;o). I knew you were a Special person, now I know why,

    Let me help a little about sizes,
    a large would be anthing around a size 14, and up
    a med would be anything around a size 8-12
    and little/skinny, would be a 0 to 6, yep they do make them that small, I do not have any that size, lol.
    What do your sizes run there in the UK?
    In case others want to know too.

    Please e-mail me, I know Shirl or Mikie can give it to you.
    just make sure I know your from the board.
    I am doing a lot of Reunion E-mailing with former Classmates, having a Blast too. So I need to know who's who, I accidently deleted someone, because I didn't reconize her E-mail addy, it was a Friend that I did want to talk to. Glad she wrote back, hope to talk to you soon.

    Have a Great Day,
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    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for message. [This Message was Edited on 04/02/2003]
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    I was on the back pages, readind yesterday's post's to see if I made anyone mad lately? lol. I'm headed for my silly mode, I'll e you, and go ahead and delete the e addy if you want.