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    Thanks so much for all the info you gave me on acidity/alkaline balance. I have a few more questions if you don't mind.

    How much meat would you suggest at a meal?

    You mentioned that canned fruits are acidic - is that because of all the stuff that's added when processed? What about home canned fruit?

    You mentioned coffee - what about tea? Is is acidic? What about herbal teas? I really hate to give up my tea!!

    I'm going to get some good litmus paper & start testing. I've already started lemon in water. It's kind of hard to drink too much since once I get in the bus, you can't stop for a potty break when you have kids on! I try to drink plenty when I get home.

    I've also got some eggshells "brewing" in vinegar & I'll try that in a couple of weeks.

    Hate to be such a bother. I tried to get in to see my doc this week to talk over some of my concerns, but he is on vacation. So, I come to this board for some advise.

    I think I'll try a search on acidic & alkaline foods & see what I can find.

    Thanks again. I appreciate any advise you can give me.

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    just bumping
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    Kathi....I don't eat very much meat at one sitting. As a matter of fact I have to break my meals down into very small portions several times a day...instead of the conventional 3 meals.

    The US is by far one of the biggest meat consumers in the world. I would say my portions are about 1/3 maybe on rare occassions 1/2 of what would be considered "normal" portions. Proteins have a vary valid place in our diets.

    Yes, sorry to tell you tea is acidic, too. I have struggled with what the heck to drink myself----if it isn't loaded with sugar, and seemed like it wasn't what I wanted to drink, lol.

    Water with Citrus is still one of the best choices. We all need to up our water intakes.
    Orange Juice----is good as it becomes alkaline in our bodies. Be sure its pure, and not orange drink with sugar added.
    I am constantly fighting myself to drink more water (I use 3 squeezed limes in each large glass, more like limeade).

    You know the problem with canned anything is that so much sugar has been introduced. Nutrient value has fallen.

    You are by far better off eating "fresh" anything! Go with the fresh fruits and veggies---you can get lists online of alkalizing ones.

    I am so acidic and have such problems with the veggies, etc. because those that are high on the alkalyzing list, are off limits to me, because they are high in oxalates. I am on a no oxalate diet, due to constant formation and passing of kidney stones (ouch). You should be able to have good success with this, by going the veggie route.
    Do you like veggie juices???

    Sorry I was slow to respond this morning....Even though I went to bed at 8:30 Pm....I didn't get up till 10 am this morning...I have another darn bladder infection, and my right kidney is starting to hurt....BAH! It never

    Good Luck on your Alkalyzing.....there are many research articles on the web....touting the benefits of de-acidifying ones body, and the wellness that occurs.