For Leah Freida...verses you would like read aloud...

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    Hi is the thread I said I would start...if you wish to post any verses (or chapters or parts of chapters) that you would read aloud if you could.

    I will read them out loud for you, and pray at the same time that God will restore your voice to you...

    I will check later for a reply, one way or the other...if you think this is a crazy idea, that's fine...just a thought that came to me as I was praying this morning.
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  2. freida

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    Dear julie,

    I am deeply touched....... how precious....
    Thank you for sharing that this came to you.
    I am tearing up, overwhelmed by this.

    That is all i can say at this moment.

    Thank you....... a deep and sincere thank you......and i thank God.

    Leah Freida
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    Dear Julie, Hello again.
    I have been thinking of you,
    and of your amazing offer, of yourself and your time and efforts , to help me, in this manner,
    many, many times, in the past 24 hours,
    since I first read what you wrote about it, in the chit chat porch thread, and here on this one.

    As I contemplate what you have written , and your idea,
    I continue to benefit, from simply thinking about your offer,
    and therefore, by feeling supported and cared for,
    and even more especially, in a special different way than any other.

    I do not find the idea crazy at all, that is for sure.

    I am unsure how to do it, but will continue to think about that.

    Meanwhile, I feel that though you said, it was a "thought that came to you"
    it felt right away, to me, as you are letting God speak and work through you....
    an amazing grace....
    for you,
    and for me to behold, and to be an object of.
    As I read what you wrote in both places, about this idea,
    (as unusual and confusing as the idea seems, ;)
    there is something sacred and precious in it.

    I am glad to be a witness to this.

    God's love, somehow, coming through to evidence itself,
    manifested in your speaking and writing,
    to me, partially about you and partially about me, and the loss of my own precious voice, to say and chant and sing, my prayers...
    It seems also truly about the power of prayer, and of all of our good and best intentions,
    to be the kind of humans that we are meant to be, and strive and hope to be.

    I rarely glimpse it so close up and real, and concrete, as this example, you put before me.

    You and I are not the same religions or ethnicities...
    and I do not believe that stands in our way at all.
    That is one of the ADDed wonders and beauties to this suggestion of yours.

    You knew that, right? ;)

    I don't believe that it matters to God.
    (It matters, but not that we can't pray together or for eachother, is what I meant.)

    It does mean that you can't recite or chant or sing in Hebrew, right?! ;) :)

    That is fine though.
    Any language is fine, of course,
    and I often say mine in both, with English translation as well, especially if Huz is present.
    It is delightful and funny, and it makes me happy,
    it makes me in awe and blessed all the more,
    that someone of a different faith, would see the need, and our combined faith,
    as more important than any differences.

    There is much overlap between our religions, that is a fact I am very familiar with,
    and we do share a huge portion of our bibles, and the same books of psalms, and many prayers are simply translated differently, in the Christian Bible, and the Jewish Torah. Many other religions also have significant overlaps with ours.
    I have often reached out, to be a bridge, with others who are different from me in some way, including religion.
    I have, less often, felt this directed toward me, from others, on the other side of some seeming divide.

    But all of that pales, anyway,
    compared to your simple offer, to use your voice, to give voice to my longings.

    Bless you, Julie, for being yourself.
    Your example is a special one.

    NO matter what we decide in the future, to do or not, regarding pursuing the idea...
    it matters that you shared the idea, and the sharing has changed something in me, and my perceptions.

    When I said some prayers in my head, I could almost hear your voice accompanying them.

    It is like you threw a pebble into the stream, and the goodness ripples went outward from it.

    I am holding it , your idea, inside me, like a gift.

    Thank you.

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  4. lydia1

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    Oh Freida! Of course, I didn't even "think it through", how I would actually follow through with my offer, lol! Just as soon as God laid it on my heart, I came directly to the computer and posted. Well, I could give it a go, in Hebrew; I'm sure God would be able to understand :)

    Reminds me of one time in Belize. Although the Belizean woman I worked with in the kitchen, and I, were of the same faith...English wasn't their first language. I got very sick one night, and was to leave to come home the next day. I was planned to stay for several more days, but the Lord warned me to get out of the country sooner.

    Anyway, around midnight, I started getting very sick to my stomach...and weak and disoriented. I was staying in a little apartment near the dorm, but there wasn't a team there at that time...I had no way to let anyone know I was sick until one of my Belizean sisters came looking for me the next morning, because I wasn't up and about when I should have been.

    Pantaleona immediately started praying for me in her Ketchi Indian language...I had no idea what she was saying, but I knew she was praying for me, and it gave me such a sense of peace.

    She got ahold of the pastor who led the ministry and he had a doctor come attend to me. Pantaleona also helped me pack, fed me and even helped me get dressed. I did make it to the airport on time, but was still feeling rough on the flight home.

    To finish this story, and explain why God had me leave early...the day after I left, a pastor from another ministry was attacked and beaten and robbed...on the very same path that I always took to get across the river (across a swinging bridge) to the parking lot to go shopping, etc. (This was before a drive bridge was built to cross the was either walk across the swinging bridge or go the other direction and cross on a hand cranked ferry.)

    I could very well have been a victim myself...

    Anyway, that very long story was just to say that I agree with you...about understanding everything about each other's religion or language, etc. So, just let me know if and when I can be of help...
  5. freida

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    dear Julie, You make me smile. :)

    I love the way you trust,
    and the way you take your leap of faith, wherever God leads you. :)

    Yes, God would understand, however we do it.

    It is funny , and also seriously sweet, that you even say you might "give a go in Hebrew." ;) :)

    Some time ago, when springwater shared a prayer song,
    quite different seeming to me at first,
    I soon loved it and added it to my regularly repeated ones.
    It particularly calms and reassures me, and helps me step back onto my path, when I fall off into panic and anxiety and hurt.

    I am sure, that God has already understood,
    what you and I have been saying.....
    and is working in those mysterious ways, we do not understand and do not need to.
    I have sensed something.
    Both of us, with these prayerful intentions.... that is powerful too.
    Perhaps it is all we have to both ask God, to help us both with this,
    as we wish to give voice to eachother's prayers, so we can sing them in medley, in our hearts and souls, to God.
    God knows all the words and languages. :)

    I had felt silenced, and alone, with one unheard voice...
    .... now, not so much.
    I can nearly hear another voice weaving in with my silent one, one that is louder and tuneful.

    Perhaps you need only ask God...or in your intention, you may already have....
    and our prayers shall be answered.

    You know that song?
    Seek, and you shall find.....Ask and it shall be given.....
    I loved that song.
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  6. Beadlady

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    Dear Freida,

    I haven't been on this site much in the last couple of months but I do remember you as being a very caring friend. I've in the process of cleaning out our spare bedroom, as I think we may need to take in a roommate as it looks like I will be loosing one of my part time jobs ~~ due to budget cuts on Senior Citizens funding. Not happy about it, but there isn't a lot I can do about it either.

    Take care of yourself.
    Your friend,
  7. sunflowergirl

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    I'm trying to memorize verses.....darn it's hard at my age. But here's one I wrote out last night and thought of you, Leah.

    Psalm 9: 9-10

    The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, A stronghold in times of trouble.
    Those who know your name will trust in you, for you Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.
  8. freida

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    Thank you, beadlady,
    And i am happy that you remember me. :)
    And that you called yourself my friend.

    And sunfflower, that is beautiful.
    And thank you for thinking of me at that time!

    It is a good memorize even short ones.

    I did some long ago....with some effort, maybe i could find and relearn them.

    I love the one, do not lean on your own understanding.......