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  1. jan a.

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    dear lisa, saw your post reply about said you have chronic lyme the same as I do...Im only newly diognosed..would you mind telling me what treatment you are on, how long on it and how you are responding...really appreciate e-mail is on my bio if you would rather talk about it there...thanks so much...jan a.
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    Hi Jan,

    I am not Lisa so hope you are not disappointed!
    I was reading your bio and wondered whether or
    not the dr thinks you have Lyme and CFS or was
    the CFS really lyme??? Did you have any symtoms
    or recollection of rash?

    I think I am going to a LLMD as soon as I can arrange
    it. I can't believe the number of people I am hearing
    about who have FMS or something else and then
    get tested for the heck of it and they have Lyme.
    I guess if I have it it would be chronic as well.
    Is that what they call it when it isn't directly after a bite?

    My friend was just put on three days of abx because
    she found a tick stuck to her skull! Yikes! They think
    it was there up to 24 hrs. She doesn't even know
    if her dr. is testing the tick and she wasn't tested
    yet either. I am trying to persuade her to get more
    abx for longer period of time just to be safe!

    You can respond here or via email as well.
  3. jan a.

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    yes chronic lyme is when its been in your body a long time...and its harder to treat also..if caught right away its a short course of drugs and its gone...not so with chronic...has had time to set up house in whole body with all kinds of symptoms, everyone different....I may have been bitten as long ago as my youth, had flu like symptoms and thought it was the one heard of lyme back then...who knows..if i had a rash I dont remember...I was always getting bit by bugs and got reactions to flea bites, bee stings, spiders with a larg red area around them so who knows...I have rashes on me rashes around my neck and on my chest...have had that for about 5 years and never knew what it was before ...not everyone gets a rash or it could be in the hair where it wont show....only way to know for sure is testing....get at least three different tests since you probably wont get a positive on all three if you are infected...good luck...jan a.
  4. jan a.

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    betsy, if you wouldnt mind would you please e-mail me? then we can talk at length about our problem ....oh Im so sorry about your kids...Ive heard from others that happened to passes through when your pregnant and if your nursing...well hope to hear from wishes..jan
  5. LisaArizona

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    Hi Jan,
    I don't come on this web site very often so I just saw your reply. Have you been to You might get a lot of information there. I was diagnosed with Lyme four years ago. A lot of the symptoms overlap with FMS/CFIDS so I read elsewhere to get ideas for helping me recover. I have been on various treatments and it is a tough road. The problem is I had Lyme for maybe 10 years before diagnosis. By that time it is hard to get rid of. You can email if you want at Lisa