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    I was just reading some posts and I saw JackieLacie (hope I got name right) make reference to Lone Wolf being agoraphobic also. Hey-----so am I!I would love to hear how you cope, what you can handle, etc. I've be "phobic" since Jr. Hi and became housebound around age 30. (I'm now 39). I got in and out of it now. Medications helped a lot, therapy very little. Anyway, never met anyone else, so I thought I'd write and we'd have at least 2 disorders in common!! It's NOT an easy road and I would never want anyone to go through what I've been through. Not even people I really dislike. Anyway, if you feel inclined, write back-----------bye-------michaele (pronounced "michelle").
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    I've been reading Dr. Poesnecker's book "Chronic Fatigue Unmasked". He says that agoraphobia is a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome-which he refers to as adrenal syndrome. Supposedly there is a problem with the adrenals (and other glands) that make it difficult to deal with stress. In the case of agoraphobia the stress of just being around other people and dealing with new situations is too much for some people with adrenal syndrome. Pretty interesting reading.
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    You are not alone! As Jackielacie suggested the thread about a month ago would be a good place to start for some info that we posted.

    Medications did very little for me except for using some Xanax when I go out to help take the edge off the anxiety. Can't take most antidepressants, make me a zombie.

    The comments about it being an adrenal syndrome would make sense with me as to why somedays it is easier for me to go out... I wake up and just 'know' whether or not it is a day that I could go out and get something done.. (maybe adrenals are working better that day?) that is if it is also a better day for the FM/CFS too... lol eh?

    Anything that I percieve as stress in my life makes all the illnesses I deal with worse. I was house bound for quite awhile at one point when my last husband was completely out of control.... been married twice, divorced twice. Live with six dogs now...

    Anyway, I hope you get some info that is helpful.

    Hugs, Lonewolf
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    Thanks!! I never knew what that was called.A person that has a fear of leaving their home. My aunt had this for many,many years untill her death~ She was my moms sister and I could never understand(course I was a lil kid!)I was unbelievable to me that a person would'nt go outside!! but yes,I recall my mom always having to bring her grocerys and god everything!!and this aunt would have all her blinds pulled shut,her house was kept dim.I remember only waiting on the welcome mat for my mother and my aunt would say hello to me sometimes~ This is pretty interesting!! not that i'd ever want this.....but it is interesting~ Thanks :)
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    Sorry it took me a while to acknowlege all of you, but I am still new to this whole message board thing and I didn't quite get the idea on how to check for answers unless I ran through 25 pages!! ha!ha! Now I know to look under my name and it is easier. PLease feel free to correspond with me on this subject or any others. And---if you come across info, share it! I will also. Thanks for writing me.
    Your friend,
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    My cousin (CFS)had this problem for a long time. We stopped in to see her in our motorhome one time but couldn't park on her street so she had to get in her car and come to a nearby parking lot. As much as she wanted to see us, she was very reluctant to do it. I knew she always wanted to see the ocean, 2 hours away, so we offered to take her there in the motorhome. She said no, she knew she couldn't do it.

    I don't know how she got over it. She's been on various medications over the years and I've lost track. She will now drive herself, or walk, to very local stores but still won't go very far. So when she said last week that she was thinking about jumping on a plane and coming to Texas (2,000 miles) for a visit, I was shocked. I would believe it when I picked her up at the airport, though.

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    HI just wanted to let you know i too have suffered from agoraphobia severly. i am somewhat better now when i was about 14 it started i had severe panic attacs with the agoraphobia. i wouldnt leave my bed room except to go to the bathroom and mabey eat something. i had this for a long time until one day a good friend forced me out of the house and i went and got some help. i was put on imipramine and prozac. i also went thru years of different types of therapy, i still suffer from this and when it gets really bad i just want to lay down and sleep my life away. i do however go out and do things which i have to do. there are days in which i wake up and know i cant go out anywhere. i just pray alot and do alot of relaxation and other type of therapy. hope this helps some kris