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    CBT has helped about 40% of patients with CFS and psychiatrists will often confirm a physical condition so seeing one doesn't necessarily mean getting a psychiatric diagnosis.

    CBT done properly can help but it all depends upon whom you see and what their attitude to these DDs is.

    You ought to look up ADHD both on this site and on the web. They are finding that diet etc can make a big difference and you will also find you're not the only family in which both FM/CFS and ADHD has occurred.

    Your doctor is wrong in saying no more can be done to help you, but this is typical in the UK hence the post your message was on. We've all had to do loads of research to find what can possibly help each of us. In the UK this mostly means self help but there are a few doctors practicing privately who prescribe treatments.

    The antidepressant you've been given may help you sleep. Some doctors use trazedone instead because it has less side effects. Don't stop taking it just because you think doing so will confirm a psychiatric condition it may just help, and if not then just discontinue it. It's usually best to start on a really low doses and build up gradually. It has been obsrved by ME specialists in the UK that it has an immediate effect, indicating it's not just addressing depression.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for your post i started with my friend Monica the family support group for ADHD in Milton Keynes and was in volved with the group for quite a few years i was the help line and people ringing me for help but it got out of hand when the group and my phone number was put on the internet and i had people calling from all over the uk at all times of the day and night and a few cranks wanting me to call then back, and i was getting ill so had to give it up, i have tryed difrent things in Pauls diet but nothing helped untill he was put on Ritalin and i probably no more about ADHD and CD than some doctors as i have read so muck on it and been to seminars etc,
    the tablets and a relaxation cd help me sleep so i guess i'll just wait and see what happens in September but thanks tansy for your info
    (((((big hugs))))))))
    Loopyloo xx