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  1. sunscaper

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    I have been wondering about you...This is your battle-weary, Plantscaper, here..I, always, liked to hear your take..on things.

    Would like to get in touch, again, so we can compare what the heck is going on?

    Sunscaper (Plantscaper)
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    lucky New Member

    Great to hear from you. I remember you living in Colorado and recommending and taking Olive Leaf extract, is that right?

    Wish I could report that I am doing well which I mostly was until I had a mini stroke in October and was in the hospital with it. After that had a rough time since I was not allowed to take Ritalin and my estrogen anymore which gave me at least some quality of life. Because I had such a rough time, my GP out of sympathy put me on 15 mg Ritalin and 25mg estrogen which is a little help, but not enough to get me moving.

    I had lots of tests by a CFS doctor, some of them showing brain abnormalities. But from all doctors I got the least help from him and decided, also because of his manners, not to see him anymore. It was a big disappointment since I hoped he could be of great help with his glorious reputation.

    And how are you surviving? Still taking Olive Leaf Extract?
    I take a pill which has OLE in it, but still get sick too often with infections.

    Lets be in touch, Lucky

  3. sunscaper

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    I was hoping that you would get well...and tell us how to get there...but we may be on the same wavelength..
    005I, now, believed I have developed the cardiac symptoms, that have been described by Dr. Paul Cheney, a type of "compensatory cardiomyopathy"...he thinks that CFS/ME saves one from heart failure.

    I had a reaction to the Salt/C, in October of 2005. in which I seemed to have, almost, "a heart-like failure response", but my body, kicked in to bring me back.. But ever, since then, I have had to use oxygen to help me breathe, better..Anyway, all he says about the cardiac situation fits my experience to a tee.

    I have, continued, to use only the Pregnenolone for my menopausal symptoms...that has been very effective for my hot mom had that really severe...but when will it ever end?!

    Have you ever had "High Heart Rate"?! I seem to be, perpetually, there..

    I wish I could visit Canada..I have, heard, that there is a train that goes all the way, father is very old, at 87..and neither one of us can drive very I wish we could have someone else do all the driving, like on a train..

    Well, I hope things will improve for both of us,
    Take care...

    Do you still go over to the other website?..with Accident in the name? I am over, there, at times...

    OH, yes, I was, it does not seem to work, as well, for me..but I still find that a lot of the "natural stuff" has helped..

    The Old "Plantscaper"

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  4. lucky

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    Yes, I wish we would get better instead of battling with additional symptoms. I am sorry to hear that you need the oxyden now ro breathe better. The CFS doctor I saw also believes like Dr. Cheeney that CFS is caused by heart and brain dysfunction. I had so many tests done, Neuro-Spect and heart tests and there were quite a few areas which were not right. However, this doctor who has quite a name, never suggested anything or pursued the matter further and had more tests done for my heart. A heart specialist could not find any damage, however, it showed an abnormal myoview test.

    With all the money I spent on this doctor, the long drive, etc. he was such a disappointment. I phoned him a couple of times and sent e-mails to at least help me with my medications after I had the stroke. After many times of him promising and not returning my calls plus answering my e-mails, I gave up and think that he is just riding on his fame and could not care less. Well, yes, once he mentioned, when I complained how depressed I was, 'what do you want me to do about that'. I just could not believe it and know now that he was a waste of time.
    On one of the MRI's it showed that I had slight athrophy in my brain which all of a sudden the CFS doctor blamed for my CFS and wanted me to see a neuropsychologist to find out how much I forget and to compare it to 5 yrs. from now. Well, I decided, not to see this neuropsychogist since a neurologist told me that everybody gets some athrophy when they get older. I am not that forgetful and save my $2.000.00 for a rainy day. I just stopped trusting this CFS-doctor.

    I am not so lucky with alternative pills and most of them don't do anything for me. I need the real meds to have some quality of life, but even these were scaled down after the stroke. Now I hardly get through the day, it is awful. And when does it end?

    It must not be very pleasant for you to not being able to drive very far. I have no trouble driving yet, however, I just don't manage to get out of the garage with my new car, have driven against the wall already, and feel that I am not in control. When I drive I have no problem.

    From Colorado to British Columbia would be quite a stretch for you to drive, It is beautiful there like the whole West coast, untamed nature and wild life. I live close to Toronto which has changed dramatically the last couple of years. The City has a lot to offer and it is very multicultural with many different languages.

    I am sometimes just visiting the Accidental Patient website, I just found some people a little too domineering.

    It is very hot here right now, luckily for air conditioning. I am sure you are better off in the mountains.

    Hope to hear from you again, and all the best, Lucky
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