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    I saw my NP this morning. She ordered thyrolar for me. I'm not sure what the difference is between thyrolar and Armour thyroid, although the pharmacist told me Armour is less expensive. Still need to research it. The thyrolar is not in the formulary for my insurance, so it'll be $35 a month. Still not too bad. Except that the pharmacist tried to fill the Rx with regular thyroid. Gotta be an observant consumer. He was appropriately very apologetic.

    I'll get the thyrolar tomorrow, as they had to order it. The NP ordered follow up lab work for early June, and told me to call her if I feel odd in any way (other than the usual way I feel odd, I suppose!), or if I have heart palpitations or any other unusual occurrence. So, we shall see. She told me that she is willing to try this protocol with me because I am an "informed consumer". It helps to be a nurse talking to a colleague. It also helps that she has FMS also. She knows what I'm talking about.

    I've also started Zythromax for my spring sinus infection. Good stuff, Zythromax.

    Thank you for your knowlege and patience, Madwolf. You do a valuable service for the members of this board.