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    My hat is off to you for ur reply to a freind bout pain. I even got from my own mother that she wished a had a higher tolerance to pain like her. That i wouldnt suffer like I do. If she only knew how a bad day was she would understand alittle better. Before last year I was so active ran 2 miles every other day and swam in the ocean on the days I didnt run. I even coached a teeball team after teaching all day. I have several major surgeries in my life and always recovered fast and handled the pain well. This as effected my lifestyle so much some days I am lucky if I make it through my day and hit the couch from fatigue. Being the main caregiver for my daughter is rough too cause she is so active in sports and I try to support her as much as I can. The other day was so hurtful from her, was having a bad day and couldnt seem to go and she wanted me to take her some where and I told her I didnt feel good,her responce was you never feel good anymore. So I go on with feelings of guilt for not being the person I use to be and questions as to why me. Peace and painfree days to you all!