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    No, I didn't work for UC Berkley. But my work environment was very much like a high school setting. Cliques, the principal's favorites, etc. I was a second grade teacher, and although I was loved by my students and their parents, I was basically an outcast with everyone else I worked with.

    I was popular in high school because I was different (it was acceptable back in the mid 60's to be different). And I had lots of friends when I was a flight attendant in the 70's (we had a sort of "sisterhood"). I have been loved and accepted by my adorable hubby for 32 years. So, when I became unacceptable as an elementary school teacher in the last 10 years or so, it just killed my spirit. Divergent thinkers used to be valued, but not in the public school setting, and not in today's political times.

    I saw my bubbly, happy-go-lucky, divergent, creative self get trounced on and stifled to the point that I was reduced to a shaking, blithering mess as I drove to work each morning. I had unsettling thoughts of going to work and blowing away my principal and coworkers (like Columbine High School). Yikes!!! I was one sick cookie! (Although I'd never do this in a million years, I don't even know how to shoot a gun). It was a pure fantasy, but a sick one none the less.

    Quitting my job over my health has been a blessing! I love feeling my old self seeping back into my being! My spirit becomes stronger every day. I can relax and love myself again.
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