For Me.....Traumeel really works!!!!!~Was On Cymbalta....anyone e

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    HI everyone...again....I come and go...but, always return back. Thanks to all who recommended the Sunbeam heated mattress pad....I am so much better's sinful. I bought mine at Target for under $100.....worth every cent.
    But, the main reason I'm posting is to see if anyone else out there has tried Traumeel for muscle pain...I bought mine from [edited as per rules] for $13.59 a November...take three tablets a day and bought three bottles. Two months later I still have plenty left. I used to be on Cymbalta but the cost...$200 a month is health insurance like someone on this board recommended Traumeel. It was instantaneus!! The unbelievable extra perk of it is that I have no more depression...which Cymbalta took care of also...only not as well. I have been on anti-depressants since my divorce five years ago...coinciding with my symtoms for fibro getting much worse. Before that I never took anything for depression. I am struggling to keep my own business afloat for the seventh year and was getting desperate for some physical and mental relief.I am so relieved that I function normal now on a pill that costs so little. Just want to pass this information on....started Nov. was my birthday present to myself....wellness "stuff". Just wanted to give it enough time to be accurate before I posted my "find".
    This board has been so helpful to me I am happy to contribute something back. Since Nov. I went on my first cruise (very hard mattress) and flew back for a holiday visit with my children and grandchildren. Both of these were of course fun...but even fun is stressful. I had no crying incidents, no stress overload, no muscle pain and no unusual fatique. The ultimate test is that my live-in boyfriend is relocating and my expenses will double...can't believe I am calmly handling this and moving on..... There is a toll free number for the company I bought this from...[edited as per rules] if you have any questions. I think its a miracle in my life and the effects have been more than I could have hoped for. I know, I realize this isn't for everyone..but maybe for someone!!!
    Good luck!!! Maureen

  2. laspis1

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    I may give it a try since I am off the antidepressants. Do you know of any meds this should not be mixed with?
    By the way, my sister's b-day is Nov 18 as well. I wonder if you are as crazy as she is... I mean - good crazy. She is full of energy and has the biggest heart of anyone I know.
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    Thank you for the information. There are others on here that have had good success with it. I think I might give it a try also.

    I'm so glad you are being helped by something more affordable.

  4. tandy

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    Yes,..It was Chocolate~
    She had great success with Traumeel!!

    I wonder if theres an update.?
    Still helping you Choco? or anyone taking it these days?

    Also, has the 100 ct subligual for $9.99!!!
    thats really cheap!

  5. MamaDove

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    After the raves about success with Traumeel, I tried it too...Researched it then tried it...I was in the middle of a bout with rectal bleeding and thought that by reducing the inflammation, I could then stop the bleeding...
    I started it, the bleeding subsided for a day and the swelling went down and I felt better...For one day!
    Someone mentioned that those with AUTO-IMMUNE issues (isn't that most of us?) should not take Traumeel...
    I had not seen that in all my research and took it for about a month...The bleeding resumed and eventually I wound up with a colonoscopy to determine the extent of my recurring UC disease...It was soooooooo bad it was labeled as Crohn's...
    I dunno if the Traumeel contributed to the worsening, I would have to say in my case YES...
    I also wanted to take some melatonin at nite, read the label and not for us with people with auto-immune diseases?
    Aren't we all suspected of having auto-immune due to the dd's we have???
    I am confused on this one...Sorry I didn't space my post properly, I am on some heavy duty drugs lately and not at all myself...Hope you can read and understand it...ALicia
  6. ute110

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    Hello everyone,

    I have had much success using Traumeel.
    It relieves muscles pain without any side effects.

    This natural product was given to my father in Germany a few years ago. He actually needed a perscription.
    This product does not contain anything harmful.

    From reading the posts I guess it's not for everyone.

    All I can say is I am happy that my father started sending me Traumeel. It's helped me so much.

    Best to all,
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  7. tdavis1

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    Did the cymbalta keep you awake? That is what I am suppose to be on but have quit taking it because it seems to cause insomnia.
  8. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I have seen others post websites and even phone numbers.
    Is it really the 'rule' not to?
    If not, I would like the information on your product.
    (I suppose I can google it/I suppose I will. Still interested about the rules.
  9. islandgirl2

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    HI...yes, I'm as crazy as your sister!!!!My line has always been, "still crazy after all these years...but, in Texas I fit right in"!......but in a good way, like her....lots of energy lots of spunk. Thanks for replying.
  10. islandgirl2

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    Thanks so much for the Amazon information on Traumeel. I'm going to check it out.
  11. islandgirl2

    islandgirl2 New Member

    Hi...thanks for posting your experience......sorry it was not a good one. I have had no problems with Traumeel or with Melatonin which I take once a bedtime.....but this is an individual thing with all of us. Don't know if its ok for us all to take...but then...does anyone really know anything..... for sure? Hope you find something that works for you!!!
  12. islandgirl2

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    Thanks for the information on your fathers sucess with Traumeel.....interesting to here in was a prescription then in Germany.....I really think the Europeans are ahead of us medically sometimes. I know I can function again and that's priceless. Nice to know it's worked for two years also.
  13. islandgirl2

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    Thanks for posting....yes, Cymbalta kept me awake....or I'd get up 2 to 5 times. Now I sleep thru the night and am never tired!!!
  14. islandgirl2

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    I just posted what I's on the first message. If I post something wrong or not allowed I assume they'll remove it. I just used my own judgement....location was deleted but just google Traumeel and the health places. I understand why they took it out....commercialism and all that...but, you can find it...I did.
  15. Jeanne-in-Canada

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