For Mikie: Guai or antibiotics for treatment?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tenn-farm, Feb 4, 2003.

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    I was wondering if you attribute the Guai or the antibiotics for your healing? It confuses me a little as one is treatment for bacteria/virus/little buggies, and the other is a treatment for salicates. These are two very different things,(researched by two very different doctors)with a very different protocol for treatment of FM. I know you are doing both so I thought you would be best to ask. Thanks so much. Merry
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    I'm obviously not Mikie, but I have had posted conversations with her about this very issue.
    I believe she would say that the Guai has reversed her FMS by about 3/4, BUT she still has CFS, which she believes is caused by a confirmed Mysoplasma infection that marked the start of her illness. For that, she takes the antibiotics. While she agrees that Guai helps FMS, she does not agree with Dr. St. Armand that "CFS is just FMS in a person with a higher pain tolerance".
    I'm sure she will come along and correct this if I got any of it wrong.:)
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    I've been away for a couple of hours, so I appreciate your response.

    Yes, Merry, I do have both CFS and FMS and my illnesses were triggered by the mycoplasmas twelve years ago. While the Guai will reverse FMS symptoms due to the body's inability to excrete phosphate debris in the body, if there is an underlying chronic stealth infection, the Guai alone will obviously not be enough to bring about wellness.

    I believe the majority of people with CFS got it by contracting an infection of some type. I even believe it possible that CFS and FMS are two manifestations of the same illness, but I believe in order to get well, one must address all factors in order to heal.

    Love, Mikie