For Mikie re: Claudia says Stevia is OK!

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    Dear Mikie -- I wanted to let you know that Claudia answered my questions about the Guai and she says Stevia is perfectly OK. I knew you'd want to know that, since you were using it. It's good news for me too, since I use it exclusively and extensively.
    I wonder where Dr. Starlanyl got the idea it was not OK?
    Claudia also gave me some good ideas for vitamins and cough drops,and assured me that I can continue drinking green tea.
    Thanks for the suggestion that I contact her.
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    Bumping, since I know you are not here at night and I don't want it to disappear to the back pages before you see it. Long live Stevia.

    P.S. I still don't understand this...Stevia is a super concentrated plant extract,and Dr. Starlanyl said it gave her problems. Whatever the reason, I'm glad it's OK, but I may go without it until I get a Herx just to make sure I'm not wasting my time.
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    Somewhere in my muddled memory, I must have heard that the stevia was OK but forgotten it. There are some strange exceptions to the rules with Guai. My own daughter told me that herbal teas, except peppermint, were OK to have while on the Guai treatment.

    Technically, feeling worse before feeling better on the Guai treatment is not a Herx Effect, but it can feel similar. What I have experienced with Guai flares is just very intense localized pain in one or more areas of my body. When the Guai goes to work, it can give you pain in only one area or it can cause pain almost everywhere there is any phosphate debris stored.

    Imagine thousands of tiny barbs or fish hooks being dragged through your soft tissues. Once they get into the bloodstream and shuttled to the kidneys, the pain stops, at least for those particles. Things eventually settle down as the body gets used to having these crystals removed. The Guai removes the debris at a much higher rate than they were originally deposited.

    I have found that the level of pain is indicative of the level of improvement I will experience once the initial flare is gone. The reason I have had so many strong Guai flares is because I have continually increased my dose to the point that I now take 2400 mgs a day. I'm not a patient person :) Each increase has brought about a painful Guai flare.

    I am experiencing some unexpected benefits. Dr. St. A states that the osteoarthritis caused from the crystals being depositied in the joints is not reversable, but mine is getting better and I am having very little swelling and pain in my hands, even after using them. I posted about this after installing new cabinet hardware and a bath faucet set. I think I'll write to Claudia to tell her about this. My rheumy did the O/A diagnosis after taking x-rays. I was prepared to just live with the O/A as I didn't think it was reversable.

    The Herx, on the other hand, is actually a poisoning of the system due to the toxins produced when pathogens die and cannot be excreted fast enough by the body. With the Herx, you feel like you've been hit with the worst flu you've had. I do know that some on the Guai experience flu-like symptoms when in a Guai flare, but I have had nothing but intense pain.

    In either case, drinking a lot of water helps both. The phosphate crystals can irritate the urethra when they are excreted and you may feel as though you have a bladder infection. The urine produces a distince smell which smells like the tablets themselves. I was able to actually see the crystals in the bottom of the bowl if I didn't flush immediately and allowed the crystals to settle. This happened during my flare when I increased to 1800 mgs. I tried it once and had to abandon that increase for a while as it was just too painful. I tried again later and was successful.

    Again, good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie