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    Hi again MIkie. I saw a response you posted in my query about "anyone with success using abx." You said you had success treating toe nail fungus with a zapper. Of course, I also have the toenail fungus.

    Where do you order the zapper? Are they expensive? Easy to use?

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    To Noah and Madwolf.

    My zapper sounds like just another snake oil gizmo on the market, but I believe this appliance is an effective tool to fight infections. It can't do the job by itself because it is only effective in the bloodstream and can't touch things like mycoplasmas which burrow into our cells. However, even those mycoplasmas have to come out sometime when they have killed their host cells and are in search of new ones to invade. It is especially effective at killing viruses which cause colds and other viral infections. It is also effective as an antifungal treatment.

    The appliance is housed in a plastic unit about the size of my hand and about as thick. It is battery operated and has two wires which hook up to elastic bands which I use on my ankles. I first soak the bands in water to assist with conduction. The unit produces low-frequency/low-voltage current which produces a square shaped wave not found in nature. This wave vibrates at the destructive frequency of most pathogens. There is ample evidence in physics which says that all matter has a destructive frequency. Remember that famous bridge in Tacoma which started to vibrate and was eventually destroyed? I think it happened in the late 1930's and most people have seen the film which shows the bridge undulating and eventually coming apart.

    I bought my unit from the Hulda Clark website. I certainly do not agree with everything she says and she is not a medical doctor. I am impressed that she gives the directions for making one's own unit, but I don't advise doing this. What this does tell me, though, is that she is not in this for the profits. I figured I had nothing but my $149.99 to lose (other sites sell zappers for less). My unit is made in Germany and is of the highest quality. I have been using it for about a year or longer.

    It has an auto mode which zaps for seven minutes and goes off for 20 minutes, repeats this sequency, and finally, zaps for another seven minutes. This is deemed the ideal sequence for continuing use. There is also a manual mode for when one needs to really zap a virus when one is coming down with a cold. I have used both. If I overuse the unit, it will produce a Herx. I have stopped colds dead in their tracks with my zapper. It worked the same way for my Mom.

    As I mentioned, when I got it, I had a fungal infection in all my toenails (not uncommon down here in the humidity where we go barefoot all the time). After I started using it, I noticed a line where new healthy growth was starting. Eventually, all the damaged nail grew out and I have not had a problem with it since.

    HealthWatch will say it's just bogus, but like I always say, you can't argue with results. There is an electro-magnetic unit which is supposed to kill pathogens deeper into the tissues, but I am concerned about the dangers of using something like this. If it does penetrate the tissue, it would certainly be an alternative to ABX if it works as well as the zapper does in the bloodstream.

    There are super units which allow discrete frequencies which can be used to diagnose and treat specific pathogens. These are very expensive and used mainly by health care workers although none of these things has been approved by the FDA for medical use.

    Well, Kiddo, that's about the extent of my knowledge of and experience with the zapper. You can do a web search on zappers and it will give you quite a few websites.

    Love, Mikie
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    Does it hurt....? Is it uncomfortable? I guess if it were, you'd have stopped using it by now! Anyway, inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!
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    I have read that extremely sensitive people may feel a little tingle when using it. I feel nothing except a sensation of relaxation or peace. That may be because I use mine on my ankles which is one of the areas used in accupressure and accupuncture.

    Love, Mikie