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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by greatgran, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. greatgran

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    Hi Donna,

    Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers today..

    I was going to write you a long post but
    after the weekend I am so tired today guess its the cfs I am not thinking

    Please stay in touch I feel we have so
    many things we can relate to..Let me
    know how you are doing.

    Oh, one question I am not sure how to put this but here goes..My Mom is so
    bad she isn't eating, skin and bones,
    can't see , can't talk that you can hear etc...I left the NH yesterday just asking God to take her since she is dying just get it over with and then cried all the way home thinking how
    terrible for me to think that way..
    Has this thought ever crossed you mind?

    I will be in touch later. Have a blessed
  2. Milo83

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    I do exactly what you did yesterday almost everyday of my life for the past 3months - no, I don't want to loose my Mom, but I can't see her suffering anymore - SO PLEASE DON'T FEEL GUILTY!!!

    I also cry almost everytime I enter that NH, and when I leave it -
    My mother is also soooooooo thin....surprisingly she still eats some pureed foods....But like yours she barely can talk, and when she does, it is so hard to understand, plus her mind is all confused....
    My mother has also been considered "legally blind" for years due to Macular Degeneration.......
    She can still hear, but it seems like it just doens't get through to her anymore.......

    It's like, lets just get this over with and done - so that we can "try" to go on with our lives - I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN - AND ONCE AGAIN, DON'T FEEL GUILTY OVER IT - They are not really living, just exsisting........

    Talk to you later, on my way to the NH now....
    God Bless........Take Care......Love, Donna
  3. greatgran

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    Wondering how your NH visit went today..I didn't make it I went yesterday so will try to make it
    tomorrow just wasn't feeling up to it

    Thanks for your input and you are right they aren't living just exsisting sometimes I feel that is what I am doing..

    Prayers are with you and I will post
    more later on chit chat..

  4. Milo83

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    I just made a post on the chit/chat board with an update of my Mom.........

    Take Care......God Bless.....Love, Donna