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    Hi Mom3,

    I was reading what you said to Musette re Disability, and would be really interested to hear the story of your fight with disability insurance.

    I'm in Ottawa, ON and have just started the whole disability business (SunLife). Uck. I'm hoping it'll go through... but if you have any advice for a newbie to the process, I'd much appreciate it. Most of the information I've been able to find is for the US; finding specifics for laws etc - and referrals for lawyers - for Ontario is hard.


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    Sorry I didn't respond sooner just saw your post. As for ltd (long term disability) I was fortunate to recieved it first time I applied. I was in a car accident and had memory problems and whiplash. It started 90 days after my car insurance and ltd took over paying me. I had all kinds of assessments with my car insurance and they were all supportive to my injuries. My ltd is for 36 months and then they assess you differently, if your are able to work at all in a different job status. But if you have supporting doctor's and write a letter along explaing your daily pain and difficulties that should help. I developed my fibro later. I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask anything I will try to help if I can. Hugs Mom3
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    bumped up again for you, mom3
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    Sorry, got distracted from this site for a few weeks there.

    Thanks for your story. I'm in a bit of shock today; I just spoke to my ins co. They only received the last of my forms a week ago and yet say they'll make a decision next week. Amazing. I'm not sure if this is a good sign or not, maybe its just the cursory first glance before they reject it immediately!!! but at least I won't be waiting around for months on end...