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    Thanks for answering my post about my flare up. I am still in it, but doing Ok.
    Nink: Sounds like we have a love of choral singing. I am really sad over the loss of this, but feel I can't sit for an hour with a 40 minute drive to and from. So, I guess it is another thing I'll have to give up. But I really , really enjoyed singing God's praises. I know you know how I feel. Hope you're doing okay too and thanks for your support.
    Catgal: You asked if I had more stress in my life. Boy did you hit the nail on the head. My dear beloved soninlaw died due to a tragic accident leaving my daughter and 2 lovely sons behind. We dropped everything, (job, house building plans,etc), and moved up here with her and the boys. We have never regreted the move, and feel this is where we are meant to be. It is a difficult, sad time, but with God's help we are making it through it. So, yes, the stress in my life has increased. Hopefully, when the stress level decreases, my flares will grow smaller. Thanks for your thoughts.
    Layinglow: You hit it on the head: I have so few good days that I dread what is coming. Should I do a little extra and cause the flare to come back sooner, or rest more and hope it prolongs it??? So you know what I mean!! What have you found to do to keep you busy and your self esteem intact since you had to adjust your life too????
    Thanks to all for your response - It means alot to me.
    love to all
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    I know what you mean about deciding how hard to push on the good days, it's a dilema isn't it? I have know found much joy in sewing, especially quilting. I have four lovely grandchildren, and they love playing with the scrap fabric pieces while I am creating. I am making each their own quilt. I have sewn outfits for them, too, which is very gratifying, and they each love the individual attention they get from these projects. My youngest of four children, a daughter, still at home, loves fabrics and textiles as well, so it gives us many projects together. In addition, I homeschool my 15 yr. old son, and 12 yr. old daughter. I must say that algebra, certainly doesn't do much for my self esteem! Life has changed so much since the onset of FM/CFS. I was a tae kwon do practioner, and instructor, teaching and attending classes, 6 days a week--very physically fit and active. I miss this very much, but I am determined to find worth and joy in other things, now. It sounds as if you have become such a support for your daughter and grandsons, what a wonderful mom and grandmother! May God richly bless you all.
    Best wishes,
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