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    Nogilroy and Trini

    Nogilroy, I didn't quite understand your reply to my post
    did it mean "yes" you are positive for cigua like toxin?

    I am trying to get in contact with as many people who have tested positive for Cigua like toxin via email or phone.

    I have tested positive and know 7 others who are positive.
    I am thinking we could try to form a message board for
    this topic and wondering if any of you are interested.

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    no i have fm i saw your post and it was almost to the bottum of page 3 and i bumpit up to one again for you
  3. scubadiver

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    Thanks for bumping up my message. Please try to test for cigua with Dr. Hokama if you can. So far, I know of 8 people postive for this including Trini.
    There is no cure for this but the Dr's and researchers are trying to figure why so many people with
    CFIDS and Fibro are coming up positive for this test.
    I have talked to 7 people so far who have been dealing
    for chronic illness for years. 4 of the seven spent
    years going at their mycoplasma infection and 3 of the seven tested positive for Lyme on Western Blots. We don't really understand what this means yet.
    Thanks again.