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    Has Allegheny Medical's FM program helped you? Is their FM program similar to UPMC's (2x week, lots of group participation and therapy)?

    Is your pain doctor located on McKnight Road? I have my first appt with a pain management doctor on the 23rd and wondered if you're treating with the same doctor.

    Also, I just signed with Berger & Green to handle my SS case (was just denied). Did you have any experience with them?

    I'm sending you good thoughts about your hearing on Tuesday!

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  3. waxdiva

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    hi waxdiva,
    sorry it took so long to respond, every second i spend on this comp. (and i can't do many) has been researching the ssa rules, etc. for my hearing, i am spazzing! AM (they have a website) helped mostly by being supportive and their documentation and testing. After 2 years on my first go around (in 03-04) they told me i really wasn't making any progress, but it was great to have someone actually BELIEVE ME (you know what i mean after being through this) that it was worth the 100 mile round trip 2-3 x/week.
    They offer a comb. of medical eval (they check thyroid, alot of diff bloodwork,x-rays, sleep studies, emg, etc, but have the testing done at your local facilities whereever your insur. (if you have it) will pay, unlike the FFC which i couldn't afford (but would have tried it i could) They do the x-rays there. The muscle testing, etc. is done on site, but has always been included in what my insur pays (i pay $15 copay/visit with this insurance but paid $50/month with old). And they will work with you on payment, including eating a portion if nec.
    Then after initial consult (free) with Dr. Neal (director and "fibro expert") will direct you through the rehab process (they have nutritionists, chiropractors, large PT area, and a wonderful caring staff) They did have a support group in 04 but no longer, although sometimes Dr. Neal will have a workshop and discuss new findings, etc., usually highly advertised in Pgh. papers)
    I have tried alot of new stuff, supplements, etc, including one that was promising for most, didn't work for me, called "taurox) down there.
    This go around, in 06-07 has mainly been to gather documentation, like i said it is a 100mile round trip and if i can make it once a week i am lucky! I come from the new castle area, and saw a pain doc here til he declared me as "chronically stable" and sent me back to my own doc for pain management but of course a pcp couldn't prescribe that kind of meds on a reg. basis or the DEA would've been all over him, so now i see a guy in the sharon area.
    Another option that i tried in your area (uniontown? by the cent. 3 mall) was a process called "PRRT" that consisted of 4 treatments where the therapist ( A PT guy, so is billed as 4 pt sessions for insur.) shows and teaches you this process for "primal reflex relief technique" and when he did it the results were amazing but i could never get it myself, although others have had amazing results. This therapist (same name as a certain muppet creator) shows and does the most simple of exercises, such a stretch with a pencil under your finger, or a pushing in the back of your upper gumline, sounds crazy but it DOES release the tight bands that are causing so much muscle fatigue!
    Unfortunately for me by the time i made that trip back north, was all tightened up again and could never get the same results! I can't remember the guy who created its name, brain fog ya know, but if you google the technique, it will come up and if it reminds you of a dog food, its the right one.
    sorry to be so rambling, a nervous wreck here, will keep in touch thou, get on the allegheny medical pc site (google or run the word together and add a 'dot com", a trip there for consult is free, it is right past the robinson mall on 60 (exit 2 montour run road).
    Take Care--L
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    It sounds like AM's program is like UPMC's FM program; after I got a phone call to tell me that I was accepted into their program, I told them I was not interested.

    Maybe 10 years ago I would have done it, but at this point, absolutely not. I was in a car accident in 1984 and in looking back, I realized that all of these medical maladies started taking place after the accident. I have been through medical misery; I've had six facial reconstructions, various surgeries on other body parts, traveled everywhere for help (Cleveland and Mayo Clinics), had injections, PT and have been through enough group therapy that I could conduct them. So, I have nothing against integrative programs, but I do much better one-on-one with one doctor.

    I live in Ross Twp (North Hills); how far are you from there?

    Also, what's your SS attorney's name? Are you satisfied with what they are doing for you?

    Let me know...
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    hi wax--i live about 45 miles north of the airport, very close to the ohio line. I hope i am satisfied with my attorney, we never really got a chance to "bond" since everything happened so quickly after i hired him, and he sort of scared me, but i think it went well yesterday, i sure hope so. When it came down to written support from AM, i certainly fell through the cracks this time (alot more helpful with LTD years ago) but i think i did OK without them, it just made me feel very betrayed! I sure am cancelling all of my prior recommendations of them, though! Hope you have found a winner--Happy VD--L
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    Just wanted to wish you good luck with your SS case. I filed a claim in September and got my denial letter 2 weeks ago. I called Berger & Green immediately; so far, so good.

    Keep me posted...


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