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    i've heard you mention the florida lifeworks center. can you tell me the name of the doctor you saw there?

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    bueller? bueller??
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    We get my step children every other week because they live so far from us, so I'm usually not around much every other weekend.

    Yes..the doc I saw was amazing. Doctor Kaye. Unfortunately, I don't think she's still there. I do have to say, I've had nothing but amazing luck with the whole facility, and It was all covered in my insurance! If you're close, I strongly suggest it. Dr. Kaye was a D.O., so I think that explained her multidimensional approach. Just tell them what kind of doctor you're looking for, and they should be able to help you! I do still get their email newsletter. Great place for overall wellness.

    Any more questions, just put orachel in title. When I only have a few minutes I search for my name so I don't miss anything. I got your message as soon as I logged on! Perfect!

    Sorry to take so long to get back!