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    Pam d:
    Just read your answer about weight gain, and had to ask. ..... How did you lose the 20 lbs???????
    I find my decreased activity level and elevating pain level to keep me weighing more than I would like!!! It's not like I'm a sloth. I do yoga and walk when weather permits. But I live in frigid northern Minnesota, so it's COLD! but I try.
    Any help would be appreciated!!!!
    PS: I love cookies, cake, candy, and treat myself cause I figure I feel like h____l I should have some fun!!!
    I know, a poor attitude but I'm being honest!
    thanks a bunch!!!
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    I can really answer this in two unfortunate words: food allergies! For a while I had been wondering about this whole systemic candida infection, so I finally found an allergist (a regular MD who specialized in FM/CFS) that would test me for that problem. Now I've suffered from tree/grass/mold inhalant allergies my whole life, and have taken shots for them several times in different places I've lived around the country, but I never was tested for foods (and would've sworn on a stack of cookbooks I wasn't allergic to any foods). To make a long story short, I found out I do NOT have a candida overgrowth, but I'm horribly allergic to wheat & cow's milk. You know how you said you love cookies, candy, etc? Well, your sweets are MY bagels, bread, crackers, quesadillas, pretzels, pasta! I never cared a lot for sweets, but starchy & salty snacks are my weakness (oh, and did I mention cheese???) so now I can't have them. And believe me I'd be tempted to cheat, but I am really trying to see if there's a connection between my FM symptoms and these food allergies---it's not that I expect FM to go away, but I'm hoping maybe some of the pain & other symptoms lessen. My doctor says it can take anywhere from a few weeks to almost a year to see results from not eating things you are allergic to, so this is no easy fix.

    Anyway, this summer I was doing more exercise (biking limited by weather---gets very hot & humid where I live) and had lost a few pounds, then in the last couple of months, not snacking AT ALL is what's made me lose the rest (because all the junk I'd snack on I can't have now!) and also, I guzzle water like crazy! I really think drinking the water helps--after all, it's not eating, but filling your tummy. I still have 10 (maybe 15 to be ambitious) pounds to go, but I honestly don't think it's going to be that hard with all that I'm not able to eat. My doctor gave me a magazine called "Living Without" for people with food allergies. I told my husband it's the "deprivation magazine". And I have found other kinds of pasta (brown rice, quinoa) that taste pretty good. I just bought some goat cheese for a salad garnish (my allergist says I can hang out with goats, just not cows!)

    Anyway, good luck to you, Sue, I know for me it was never easy until this forced new way of eating. And time will tell if it actually reduces my FM symptoms. By the way, your previous yoga post kick-started me into wanting to take a class--that's my New Year's Resolution! I think the benefits of stress reduction, better breathing, would really help me, so I've been checking around locally for classes.

    Take care & good luck,
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    Wow, I'm sorry you're allergic to so many foods you like. It takes alot of will power to do what you're doing - I admire you for it!!!! Let me know what happens with the diet changes and your fms symptoms.
    I'm glad you are going to try the yoga; let me know how it's going. Maybe we can have a "yoga support group", cause it's hard to get motivated sometimes to do it every day. just a thought.
    have a great holiday!