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    First of all a big thank you for all the info you have been posting.

    I had a background knowledge of most of this years ago and always felt that taking care of the GI tract, and what we put into, it was very important. We are not just what we eat but what we absorb too.

    The following info is because you seem to have developed a good allround understanding of OLE and cytolog, and I want your ideas as to helpful you think they might be.

    There is much talk on this board about stealth infections, and I do know this applies to me. Have been battling with candida on and off too for years.

    Though thrombocytpoenic, hypercoagulation theory seems relevant too. Jellybean thinks this is due to microplasma.

    I have an immune system that's as loopy as my brain. Unlike most I frequently have an elevated ESR, high temperatures and do get real benefits when I resort to antiinflammatories, though I do try to avoid them as much as possible.

    My diet's already been sorted less my food intolerances. I use good quality probiotocs, supps, herbs etc all aimed at working as synergistically as possible to sort out my various problems.

    I keep drugs to a minmum but finally had to resort to sleeping meds, I got into such a dreadful mess and none of the natural remedies etc worked.

    Do you think OLE can be used to kill off the stealth infections people are talking about?

    I know you're really impressed by cytolog but I am very lactose intolerant, can't eat beef either. Can tolerate small doses of colustrum, which helps, but if I go above a certain dose and nausea sets in and does not settle down until I reduce the dose. I have given this long enough to theoretically account for any beneficial action I might be having.

    Cytolog sounds more dairy based, not a good description but hope you understand what I'm trying to say, and I really cannot risk further reactions - it will just undermine any good that's being done let alone the diarrhea, catarrh +++.

    I have looked up cytolog on WWW, looks impressive: but then this has happened with other therapeutic substances in the past; over time some get discarded whilst others become the mainstay of holistic treatments.

    Your thoughts or gems of wisdom on any of this would be welcomed.


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    My loopy brain again!

    Information processing is soooooo difficult.

    Even when I do get things right in my head they don't come out correctly when I write or speak, bet you've been there too.


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    I almost missed your post, sorry for the delay.

    The Cytolog is new to me and i`m not convinced yet so don`t even consider it anyway.

    Have to say that I am sleeping heavier now - don`t even hear the neighbour leaving for work on his motorbike at 6am... I`d wake at the sound of the cat walking in before.

    But I have cut out all refined sugars in my diet too - so who knows.

    As for the Olive leaf, I know it helps with stealth bacteria, as my daughter had Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, and her energy levels increased dramatically within 6 weeks on OLE.
    It was because of this I started posting here. Though I have to add she hasn`t a candida problem, which helps.

    Her erratic sleeping improved as her health returned too.

    I like OLE for it`s potency, and the fact it will prevent the replication of all viral/bacterial/fungal and parasitical infection, without harming the good stuff.
    There are other things that do the same job- I just haven`t tried them.

    Plantscaper - Amelia is also very knowledgable too, she is on Oil of Oregano, on her break days from OLE.

    Fresh garlic is also as good, but it`s easier to swallow a tablet. (though I do try and have this in my diet amap now).

    OLE should help with your Candida, and temperature fluctuation too if caused by the critters. it`s just so difficult without specialist help.

    Like you I much prefer to go the natural route, by getting to the root of cause, everything else should fall into place, specially as you have a healthy attitude towards diet/ supplements too, well done you.

    Have you considered taking Digestive Enzymes both with and without food?
    Taken just before food aids digestion and on an empty stomach helps with hypercoagulation, - it dissolves the fibrin. It`s good stuff anyway and won`t do any harm.
    I`ll bump an article up to read

    I hope this has been a help and answered your questions, please ask anything anytime. Have better health soon.

    Love Pat


    Just thought i`d tell you about my favourite OLE product, it`s by Higher Nature, costs £6.90 for 30 caps. It has Echinacea & Black Elderberry on the front label, but also has OLE & Myrrh. It`s fantastic on colds/flu/bronchitis and chesty catarrh. Worked on us a treat every time within 3 days...

    Just found this on Myrrh - very interesting:-

    It was used in embalming, as a cure for cancer, leprosy, and syphilis. Myrrh, mixed with coriander and honey, was used to treat herpes. It was used as an anti-infectous, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and as a tonic.

    The modern medical uses include: bronchitis, diarrhea, dysentery, hyperthyroidism, stretch marks, thrush, ulcers, vaginal thrush, viral hepatitis, asthma, athlete's foot, candida, catarrh (mucus), coughs, eczema, digestion, dyspepsia (impaired digestion), flatulence (gas), fungal infections, gingivitis, gum infections, hemorrhoids, support immune system, mouth ulcers, decongest prostate gland, ringworms, sore throats, skin conditions (chapped and cracked), skin inflammation, wounds, and wrinkles.

    Blimy - no wonder it was an offering to Jesus...

    I`ve rattled on long enough, hope today`s a good one


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    That info was really helpful.

    Had planned to see about some tests and referrals (well at least try) through my GP, who's human and supportive.

    She was off sick, doc I saw was so arrogant. Well there I sat thinking I want to strangle you, or scream at you, but I didn't. Got enough sleep last night to keep my calm.

    I just manoeuvred my wheel chair out of the consultation room saying I felt we were wasting both our times, that it would be better spent on the other patients who might have problems that fell within his area of knowledge. Said it such a friendly tone. Hope it foxed him.

    I had already decided to leave cytolog for now, I know smallish amounts of colustrum help so I'll keep to that for now.

    Did take one lot of digestive enzymes but they really hurt my stomach, think it was the betaine h., so just today I have started trying a pancreatic one. If that's no good I'll go onto the veggie one.

    I am trying to get coexisting problems investigated too, so far no joy, but I think I know how to get around it now. Then see if there is some way of checking to see which critters might be contributing.

    I have always been wary of too many drugs, often reacted to them anyway and past hospital experiences have left me even more cautious. I do however think there is a place for them, either because we are failing to produce essential enzymes etc or just to break the circle for a while.

    OLE sounds the most promising at the moment. Did consider guai but am having second thoughts just now, want to be clearer on everything that's going on first.

    Made new appointment with GP, who respects natural alternatives, in 2 weeks time. It helps to be able to discuss these with someone who will listen and give her opinions from a medical perspective.

    It's good that you post so much info. It's there for people to read so they can then make their own informed choices.



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  5. tansy

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    My brain's so slow I have only just clicked regarding digestive enzymes.

    Pancreatic enzymes, which I've just started taking before meals, is thankfully OK; so it must have been the betaine that caused the problems.

    I now realise that the veggie types are to help break down the fybrin. Thanks for explaining that. Since hypercoagulation now seems so obvious I will start taking those between meals next week. Apart from the usual financial limitations I always go about things one stage at a time.

    Know too there's infection problems, so next step is OLE, with perhaps oregano oil instead for one week out of four. Does this make sense to you? I eat loads of garlic, onions etc and take garlic (the ones with high allicin).

    After seeing how they go I will then be in a better position to decide where to go next regarding these chronic infections.

    You, along with others, have helped to clarify what I suspected but couldn't make sense of.

    Big thankyou hugs.



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  6. PatPalmer

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    How long have you been on garlic and is it every day?

    Because i`m led to believe it`s almost as good as OLE.

    A chap "forget who now" claimed he cured himself by having cloves of raw garlic every day. Did you see that post?

    Love Pat.
  7. tansy

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    It's something I've used since candida was first diagnosed 17 years ago. I ate it often before then but heated it too long to benefit from the allicin. I know it helps but not enough that's why I was looking for other natural alternatives.

    Although if OLE theoretically works the same way it may not make a difference, but I will give it a try anyway.

    I don't have a candida problem all the time, but when it does flare up it takes a long time to get it under control. It messes up my brain even more so others tend to spot it before I finaly realise what's going on. I have to resort to meds initially then rely on my probiotics +++ to keep it at bay.

    I do feel that my body's been overwhelmed infectionwise and it struggles to cope. Chronic sleep deprivation following surgery bungles have not helped, so I got into a downward spiral which I've halted a bit, now I need to push things further forward. No sleep, no healing, and when it's at it's worst the infection symptoms etc get worse. That's why the stealth infections and hypercoagulation theories started to make so much sense, once I understood them.


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  8. PatPalmer

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    Well, that knocks the garlic theory into touch, thank you.

    OLE is just the most potent of all the natural antibiotics I have read about.

    You have certainly been through the mill in one way or another, poor love.
    I think if anything should help you, it`s that.

    Green Tea is very good for you too in several ways, helps with the blood no end.

    Love Pat.
  9. tansy

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    Kept trying this but couldn't stand the taste so of course ended up avoiding it. My brother, a doctor, used to bring me some back everytime his work took him to China.

    Recently discovered they do it with mint so I'll have another go.

    Thanks for reminding me.



  10. PatPalmer

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    I did put honey in at first, but found "fruit sugar" in the supermarket this week - makes a hell of a difference, it`s a white granulated type of powder "if that makes sense" there`s no aftertaste and you don`t need as much either.


    Have to go now, it`s 11.30pm and i`m off to the land of nod...

    let me know how you get on.

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