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    Dear Paulmark,

    Here is a list of some foods that I prepare for myself. Sorry it took me so long!
    These are only examples of what can be made with the food list I gave you. Others could be more creative, I'm sure. I cook these things for myself while making sometimes different food for the rest of the somewhat large crew. I consequently haven't had time to develop more recipes. I do enjoy cooking, and do experiment, but am pressed for time most days.

    Breakfast: Usually I make "french toast" : a slice of PURE rye bread dipped in egg only. Fry lightly in oil from the list. A little butter, topped with a slced apple, pear, or peach. Scramble the remainder of the egg. Drink water.

    Lunch: Leftovers from dinner, or a sandwich of rye bread, sliced turkey,chicken or tuna salad. No lunchmeat. A lttle mayo. Then an apple.

    Dinner: I have a 4-6 oz. portion of meat, poultry or fish. Salad with items from the list with perhaps Caeasar dressing. Baked sweet potato (not yam) with a little butter or sour cream. I make a casserole of peeled sliced squash, green peppers, onions. Drizzle olive oil on this and add a little seasoning. Bake. Sometimes I add some ricotta cheese to this.

    It's a challenge to me to try to add more veggies to my diet; I am working on this. I get my fruit in with snacks. One of my favorite things in the world now is to bite into a Gala apple. In winter, it's mostly apples in season. In summer, I get all the peaches I can during their short season! I also eat almonds or cashews for snacks daily.

    My goal is to eat a serving of protein and a veg or two at each meal--and then build upon that. The protein is very important. And I drink water all day.
    Because I am underweight, I also add more whole grain rye than others might. I have been trying unsuccessfully to gain.
    You can always throw together any vegs from the list, add oil, and bake. Or saute them. Make a salad with any of the fruit on the list. If you can't eat them raw, steam or blanch them. As you saw on the list, virtually any meat, poultry or fish is okay, as long as no junk is added.
    I am working on some Christmas treats that even I can eat.
    More on this later. I hope this helps for now.

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    for Paulmark
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    Madelyn: SORRY not written i've been sicker than ever also taking jc tonic althogh that's early to tell if it helpsst everything of cfids together A : lady that i emailed got her name from Seacure (fish protein supplemnt to improve gut ecology) guy gynn ovecame cfs mostly had fibro she's in your city writing a book soon sent this diet to me, she says i didn't paste that food sensitivites should
    be addressed my recent delayed type ALLCAT test changed yet again, i know
    its malabsorption but i have them anyway my question to save your time is
    this do you agree with such a diet as this for 4 days

    I'm so limited per last test any comments from ANYONE on restrive rotation diets, so many articles on them....

    Whats wrong wtih corn pasta corn, red and green bell peppers cukes,
    tomato and squash all foods i was negative- per my RECENT food allergy test (delayed type sensitivties 2-48 hrs or more), is antything wrong with
    fresh boiled shrimp or scallops? which were - on my test i'm very limited per the rotation diet menu the AMTL corp does for me per the testing,

    There are so many anti yeast diets, its confusing when i lst got sick and
    read DR. Crooks yeast connection, he didn't say anything about none of the

    in christ PM

    from Gynn who is writing a book on her battle wtih cfs/fms

    Four-Day Diet for Yeast Overgrowth

    What You Can Eat:

    Meat - Flesh meats such as beef, poultry, fish and wild meat
    Garlic - Yeast infection hates garlic. Cook and season with it.
    Vegetables - All (except - see list), including yams, sweet potatoes and red
    Oils - Butter, butter spreads, olive oil. Use oil with lemon for a dressing
    for vegetables, meat and salads.
    Yogurt - ONLY plain yogurt. Yogurt helps re-establish the good bacteria in
    the colon.
    Other - Lemon and grapefruit
    - Rice - white or brown
    - Salt and pepper
    Liquids - Pure WATER (unchlorinated, reverse osmosis is best, or distilled)
    and lots of it. Ten glasses a day. Add lemon if desired.
    - Grapefruit juice - unsweetened
    - Nature's Tea with Senna

    What You Cannot Eat:

    Meat - Preserved or smoked meats such bologna, sausage, pepperoni, bacon.
    Vegetables - Lentils, corn, salicylates such as bell pepper, cucumber,
    white potato and squash.
    Yogurt - No sweetened yogurt
    Fruit - None except lemon and grapefruit
    Grains - No bread (or anything with yeast in it), cereals or grains except
    Sauces - No sauces, including ketchup, mustard and vinegar
    Liquids - No juices (except as above), milk products, alcohol, coffee or tea

    To have any health program be successful, glucose tolerance and food
    sensitivities need to be addressed. Therefore, the choices of foods and
    timing are important. You can have as much as you want of allowable food,
    but DO NOT go longer than three hours without food.

    Four Day Diet

    Upon Rising - 1 tsp of Lifiber with a full glass of water

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    The idea behind this diet ( that I gave you) is low carbohydrate, low sugar. The vegs and fruits chosen are lower in those than others.
    I don't yet understand all the why's myself.
    I forgot to mention that the Dr. gave me a guideline when shopping for food items: Look at the "Nutrition Facts" on the label. Carbs must be 0% or maybe 1%.
    I will find out more for you.
    I don't have the IBS or GI problems that you have to deal with, so I know your best diet may not be the same as mine.
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