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    Hi there,
    How are you? I am just thinking of you and hope you're doing better. Have you gotten your catscan results back? I am still suffering with these damn ribs and see no relief anytime soon. Sometimes, I really feel like taking meds to control the pain because I am starting to feel really depressed and I feel like I'm losing control. Anyways, we will chat more, so please write back soon. Gentle hugs, Tes.
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    Hi Tes,
    I had the CatScan but still did not hear back from the doctor--the waiting for the results gives me so much anxiety. I feel the same way you do, still in this horrible, burning, nagging rib and side pain.. When you get up in the morning, does your back ever ache? Mine has been aching and all these horrible aches and pains just make me feel so awful. Like you said, it is depressing alone just feeling this way. This is so awful because the pain is so nagging that you can almost not function. My rib pain is right below my left breast--all across the ribs and all on the left side. Is this where your pain is too? I hope your HIDA Scan goes well. You will have to let me know how they do a HIDA Scan. I hope you start to feel better too. I truly know the pain you are feeling because you have to be going through this horrible pain to actually know how someone feels. It is now 3:00am, and I cannot sleep because of the pain. The pain gets so annoying that it wakes me up. Please take care of yourself and I hope to hear from you soon.