for people who juice.

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  1. Aeronsmom

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    Do you juice to replace meals like your breakfast lunches and dinners, I'm planning on replacing my breakfast and lunch with juicing and having a healthy supper, anyone else doing this too? has the juicing made you feel any different?
    I mean has it helped at all with any of your symptoms?

    Love to all, Ann
  2. swedeboy

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    I love juicing. Yes I think it has helped me. I started juicing a couple of months ago and just recently my brain Fog has gotten better. It fortifies my diet with, phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, chloriphyll (sp?), chi, and much more. I also recently cut out gluten and dairy.

    Personally, I never replace juicing for meals. I just would get way too hungry. There just isn't enough calories in vegetable juice to sustain me for two meals. I think at most I could replace one meal.

    I prefer to eat 4-5 smaller meals(juice included as one meal here) a day rather than 3 square meals. I am 5'10' and I weigh about 155 pounds, I am male and 31 years old.

    I start to gain weight when I eat 3 "square" meals a day. Making my meals smaller and more frequent has kept me lean and thin. Many Nutritionist's say that eating smaller more frequent meals helps to keep one's metabolism faster.

    For me juicing is extra. It's a way to get extra nutrients in addition to eating healthy.

    There is a great DVD at the Pro Health's Store called "Joy of Nutrition" by Dale Figtree Ph.D.. Rich Carson said "Dale Figtree has done more to help my health than any other practioner."

    Here is the list of things I juice:

    CARROTS - no more than 4 oz of carrot juice per serving .
    (figtree says that too much Beta Caratene is not
    good for the liver)
    BEETS- no more than 4 oz of Beet juice per serving
    (again because of Beta Caratene)

    I juice the Parsley, Cilantro, Garlic, and Dandelion Greens first, and drink them (first and rather rapidly) seperate because their taste overpowers the rest of the juice.

    Figtree suggests not adding fruit, but I only add just a small sliver of apple to it to make it taste better. I split the juice with my fiance. We get about 16 ounces each.

    Hope that helps.

    Peace and Love
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    I've been juicing for about 6 weeks. I don't replace meals with the juice. I have two 10-12 ounce glasses of juice each day - one before breakfast and one between lunch and dinner. I sip it slowly and find I eat less at breakfast and dinner. Since the juice has no fiber, it's still important to eat fruit and vegetgables.

    I juice the same things as Swedeboy except for the dandelion and garlic. I aslo juice red and green cabbage and parsnips (the cabbage isn't as bad as it sounds and I find it fills me up more than some of the other juices).

    I've also given up dairy, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine (except for the occasional cup of green tea).

    The brain fog seems to be lifting. I also feel a "spark" of life that hasn't been there for ages. I'm hoping it will lead to a remission.
  4. AllWXRider

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    Juicing vegetables always makes me feel better. It seems that Carrot + anything else is great.

    I feel worse when I juice fruits. "Viruses breathe sugar" says Dr. William Wong N.D. so juicing removes the fiber and now the sugar (fructose) hits you bloodstream fast.
    So I rarely juice fruits now.

    Melons are enzyme powerhouses, but "eat melons alone or leave them alone or your tummy will groan". If I juice 1/3 of a Honeydew, WOW, I feel better. Jay Kordich "The Juiceman" says to add 1/4 slice of lime to offset the flavor. Juice the peeling too since lots of vitamins are there.

    For fruits, I like using my Vitamix, its a 2 hp blender that takes the entire fruit and pulverizes it. I add in yogurt, protien powder and some water. A great smoothie.

    As we age, our digestive systems get weaker and we don't chew our food enough to initiate proper digestion, so juicing and the Vitamix really help.