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    Welcome to the board, Phil, you will get the support you need here. Our friends and families cannot possibly empathize with us because they can't feel what we feel~~many feel we are exaggerating~~many feel frustrated because they cannot fix this problem for us~~many think we should be able to get up and think about other things while continuing to work and be "pleasant" company~~many think it is depression instead of a well-documented syndrome that can easily make us depressed~~many just get tired of the constant complaints~~many miss the sensuous, sexy, intimate, giving people they USED to see around the house~~many just cannot handle being around what we have become. I try not to lean on them for support now. I pray to God for healing and endurance and I come here to talk to people JUST like me.....if you choose to get your support here, you'll expect less from your loved ones and they'll continue to live in their nice little pretty world and be happy. Don't expect them to understand this site, either, and I don't think I'd show them anything written here~~I made that mistake and my husband said that we were a bunch of bored old ladies with too much time on our hands so we come here to bitch and moan and groan. I did copy reports from the home page of this site, written by physicians, but that didn't go over well at all. SO, he goes with me to the Rheumatology and Neurology appts. and listens to what the doctors say. That helps, but I still have to put on a pretty little, Stepford-wife face and greet my husband at the door with a kiss, no matter what shape I'm in!!! I just don't think it is possible for others to understand this~~~~
    Come here...learn from others and lean on others~~it'll help!!!!!