for plantscaper, got my saliva test results

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  1. tansy

    tansy New Member

    levels higher than I expected but out of sync. Research on www left me with no real answers but Madwolf has made some good recommendations, now just got to see if my GP will accept all this and prescribe accordingly. Hoping I won't have to pay privately for more thorough thyroid level tests. If my GP is willing to prescribe then the costs of the test will have been very worth while.

    I have beeen using B5 for many years so maybe that helped, liquorice is a no no for me.

    Still awaiting my cytolog, perhaps too many of us are ordering that now. Has your mother thought any more about cytolog, at least it cannot do any harm. Had you thought about berberine complex for candida along with probiotics for her?

    Temps dropped down a bit but I'm still struggling to keep blood sugar levels up. Had all that under good control unless I got overheated or other there were other triggering factors, but then it would settle down again.

    Take care now


  2. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Are your cortisol levels high when they should be low? I have been reading in an adrenal book about this phenomenon in our DDs..really causes havoc with sleep..Things are starting to make more sense, and in the future, I think they will have a much better handle on our problems(we can only pray)...However, for now, we have to just wade through this maze ourselves..

    I am doing some reading on various subjects including nutrition, adrenal function, hormonal balances for perimenopause, etc. before choosing my next doc, if I can find a suitable one...I am also, experiencing a boil in an undisclosed area..but it is limiting my ability to move alot..

    I want to hear of your opinion on the Cytolog...I cannot decide between it and Transfer Factor or possibly a good antiviral..Coumadin, which it appears that my mother has to be on due to her susceptibility to blood clots, interferes with many herbal remedies/drugs, although maybe not Cytolog..but she wants me to try these things out, first...Have you ever taken Beberine complex?..Apparently, Layinglow thought it was very effective...

    Do you not have air conditioning over there
    ? sounds like you really need to be away from the heat..I despise it, too..I think the boil happened at least in part from the heat I endured when going to town this week..

    Have as good a day as possible,
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  3. tansy

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    it's proportionally too low in the morning and noon, up a bit by 4.00pm and nicely at the normal level by midnight. Posted result for Madwolf's opinion: what would we do without he, klutzo, and all the board members who so generously give their time for all our benefits.

    My DHEA is lower in the morning in comparison to noon and afternoon levels.

    Neither is clinically low but they confirm my disrupted circadian rythm.

    Madwold suggests cortisol am and noon to restore this and thyroid. Not sure how my GP will react.

    Haven't looked into sex hormone results yet, wanted to start at top of PTA axis if that seemed necessary.

    From what I have read cytolog is fine with any medication. Berberine complex can be very good for candida, guardia, and other pathogens. You'll need to check contraindications though but it may prove to be a viable alternative to OLE for you mother.

    Yes I know I have to keep out of the heat. Air conditioning is rare in the UK so it's down to fans throughout my home. The flat roof and lack of good air flow makes it too warm, but I can't risk going out to somewhere cooler until the temp outside drops.

    It's cooler today and I'm hoping this keeps up until after Saturday, going to wedding and hoping to do their photos. If I can cope with the journey I'm going to stay at my sister's for a few days next week. Really need the change of scenery, haven't had a holiday for years. There will be less traffic pollution there which will help and her home is cool in summer warm in winter.

    Hope you find a decent doctor soon. It's a sad reflection on health services, politics, and part of the medical community that so many of us have problems finding a decent doctor and treatments.

    Take care and hope you find a good solution for your mother.

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  4. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    Can you still get Pregnenolone in the UK or has that new law restricting supplements made this impossible?
    If you can, you can try taking a small dose of it, as it is at the top of the hormonal cascade, and your body will use it's cholesterol with pregnenolone to make any hormones you are deficient in (unless there is another glitch somewhere besides the hypothalamus). This does not include thyroid, but does include cortisol and all the sex hormones.
    A dose of 3 mgs. per day is safe, but most over-the-counter Pregnenolone comes in 10 mgs. pills, so I just take one every Monday and one every Friday, and it works out to the same amt. per week.
  5. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Hope you can get some cool relief, soon..I have been taking pregnenolone and it must be doing something good as my periods are more regular than prior to perimenopause..It does not seem to give a lot of symptomatic improvement as you described, Klutzo, from your description of the progesterone drops..Do you still feel positive about that?

    I think that I might try to work out the testing with this new integrative doc...

    Hope you have great fun at the wedding and feel better,
  6. tansy

    tansy New Member

    at the moment. Looked it up because I'd read your posts and it made sense. Making most of freedom of choice I still have.

    Only concern is saliva test showed raised testosterone, would it send that up higher? If so perhaps 7 keto dhea am might be worth trying until I can see my GP regarding cortisol, think she'll be wary of this, I had a bad time on prednisolone. She's also concerned I'll make things worse trying to get well but has sussed me enough to know I'm not prepared to do nothing.

    Just trying to ensure I don't unsettle things any more.

    Was pleased hadn't gone further down the road adrenal fatigue wise, nice surprise that considering how long I've been ill. Have been using b5 though; liquorice is a no no, I react to it.

    Fascinated by the arsenic finding in your tests, I too eat a lot of eggs so it made me think.

    I do enjoy reading your posts, they're so informative and I've learnt a lot. Thanks. The adrenal rushes rang such bells, thought I was experiencing those but it was great to see it in writing.


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  7. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    Tansy - the pregneneolone should not raise any hormone that is already too high. It should only make the ones you need. You might ask your doc about 7 keto DHEA if you are concerned...good idea.

    Plantscaper - I have maintained some improvement in my mood, but not what I had at first. I am still only taking 4 drops per day and the new doc would not raise it until I brought the bottle in so he could see how strong it is (I could not remember the dosage when I was in his office). I will see him again on 8/5, and if he raises it and I get benefits again, I'll let you know.


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