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    I was very pleased to read the olive leaf extract is working for you. Sorry, I didn't get back to you sooner. I have been messed up from Immunplex denatured whey protein. I only took 1/2 a scoop for three days but I must have been detoxing to quickly. I ended up very fatigued and everything hurt like when I was really sick back in July - August. I have had a stiff neck off and on for 3 days and just don't have much energy & feel down. I will try again when I feel up for it. Have you taken it yet? I think you said you may try it someday too. I hope I'm not allergic to it. I haven't been able to eat dairy products since I got sick without getting a toxic pressure headache, etc. Well, I'm heading for bed. I just wanted to read the board first & post this to you. It feels so good when something works for you and it feels so bad when it doesn't! What a rollercoaster ride we are on huh? ;-) Blessing to you. CLD
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    HOPE YOU ARE FEELING BETTER?! I have not reacted to the Whey Protein Powder with any negative effects, but still are looking out for the positive gains (been on it for a month)..I guess that we just react differently to various substances..Sorry, you feel so bad...

    I was reading, today, about Detoxication, in general, from a book recommended by Nink..It is really interesting, and I came across how important the Glutathione is as a major dextoxifier. According to it, you don't
    have to get Glutathione from only the protein powder
    ..Vitamin C (500mg to l000-3000mg/day in divided doses) can increase Glutathione Conjugation in your body, as well, as eating the following foods: Asparagus, avocadoes, walnuts, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, dill and caraway seeds. I guess that you know that oral glutathione, in supplement form, is not a good source and that is why Cheney indicated that we need the whey powder..Hope this helps if you can't tolerate the powder..Now, I need to continue my detox reading...catch you later, hopefully...:) AMELIA
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    Just want to say I have seen your posts and am so glad you have relief from those awful migrains now.
    It`s brillient that the Olive Leaf is OK, (hadn`t considered the original one having other substances, maybe that explains why it was such a good price)
    I`m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    You do sound very positive and educating yourself is by far the best way to get ahead, I find the literature gets lost if I read too much in one go.

    I`m still on the OLE ( 1 twice a day ) and have much more inner energy this week.

    Love Pat.
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    Had a busy morning running errands which was a challenge as I am light headed today. Ate lunch when I came in and then crashed. Just got online and read your message. Terrific! Thanks for that info. about the vit. C and various veggies helping the glutathione levels. I have been craving asparagus & had bought some this morning while doing errands. The body knows! ;-)

    Saw on the news this morning you had a snowstorm. BRRRRRR. It is beautiful to look at though. We have had a lot of sun breaks between rainy days lately. I am finding when the sun breaks through for very long I get fatigued from it. I think that has something to do with adrenal insufficiency. I am on DHEA 0.7 mg./Pregnenolone 0.19 mg. four drops under the tongue when I get up and another four drops before bed. I may have to make an appointment with my naturopath and get re-evaluated if this continues. Last summer I was wiped out whenever it was above 80 degrees. No fun.

    Thanks for your response. I will try the whey again tomorrow morning as I plan to stay home and see what happens. I will take 1/4 of a scoop and skip 2 days before I try it again. One of Dr. Cheney's articles suggested this for anyone sensitive to it. Build up to it over time. If it doesn't work out for me it is good to know about a back up plan. Hope you are continuing to feel better as well. CLD
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    When I sent my message I saw yours posted. I had been wondering how it goes for you these days? Sounds like you are doing okay. Did your daughter have her surgery? I saw a post with your concern about it. I have thought of you and her in prayer and hope the best for her. It sometimes seems harder on us moms. Our sons are 30 & 27 years old but when they go through trials I feel like they are still my boys which is silly when you see these two big handsome men. Oh well. I tell them they will always be my boys.

    I have taken 2 capsules of OLE 500 mg. 20% - one in the morning and one in the evening for two days without burning sensations. The next three days will be interesting to see when the burning will return. I dont' recall if you ever have that reaction? My poor brain feels like it could use a blood transfusion today...light headed and spacey. I was so happy to hear that plantscaper found some positive results when she began taking pure OLE. Those additives can kill you! It is hard to find pure stuff without spending bigger bucks on any of the supplements. Well, I'm getting too spacey to do this anymore. I look forward to reading your posts in the future. Blessings to you and your daughter. CLD
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    Been reading,a lot,as I have about 5 books checked out of library..Are you getting adjusted to the powder? What is your upper optimal level of OLE? I have been working up, but I guess I need to take off about 2 days like you did...
    every 5 days..Did you have periods of time when your energy level seems to be getting worse, again, AFTER being on the OLE?

    I need to address Adrenal Insufficiency in the near future..I always have a really low energy output, once the weather gets much warmer,78 degrees, and above.. Has pregnenolone really helped in that regard? How does a naturopath test for that? and does it determine your dosage level? I wondered if I just took some, would that be more harmful than helpful,if I need to be on a specific level..
    wondered if I should try to find a good naturopath, but really don't know how to evaluate one..I guess most regular docs would not test one's adrenal gland..Do you feel that you get a lot more help with these DDs with alternative practicioner's?

    I am finding that, after reading LIVING WELL WITH HYPOTHYROIDISM, I probably need to be on T/3, as well as, T/4,and maybe,that is why I have not felt any better on thyroid replacement..Do you have autoimmune thyroiditis?
    Well, you live and learn, but it seems that it is so difficult to really get adequate treatment for these DDs, so one can go on with their lives...

    Well, I guess one of these days, we will figure it out..It just seems to be taking a long time... to warm thoughts and better days... :) AMELIA
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    I had two other questions I forgot to ask you. I am going to order a lot of supplements from ProHealth, but haven't decided on the MULTIVITAMINS AND DIGESTIVE ENZYMES and wondered if you have ordered their OLE..Didn't you say you were going to try it out? Do you have any suggestions for the multis and enzymes?
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    Hi Pat, I was wondering what the optimal dosage level that you have been on, and how long do you stay off of OLE? How long do you need to be on it to gain maximum benefit?

    I saw your posting on Coconut Oil..have you tried it, yet? Sounds interesting... :) AMELIA

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    Hey Plantscaper -
    Have you dug out yet? Saw on the news Colorado had tons of snow. At least you had books to read to occupy your time.

    Well, I didn't go back on the whey powder. My hubby said wait longer. He thinks I'm allergic to it and doesn't really want me to take it. He was so happy to see me doing better without it and thinks I should forget about it. I told him I will try it again later to make sure I wasn't herxing but won't take as much and only will take it 1 day to see what happens. I haven't read about anyone else herxing from whey protein so I don't know??? Drives me nuts when I can't tell if it is herxing or allergy. Like you experienced with the OLE with additives.

    I am taking 2 OLE capsules 500 mg 20% 5 days with a small amount of burning sensations now. Much better. I am still not taking it on weekends. I don't know how much longer I should take it. Pat said something about 3 months should be adequate I think? Do you remember how long she said? After I finish the next bottle it will be about that long. I didn't get it ordered from Pro health in time as my shipment had already gone out and I didn't want to spend the extra $5.95 shipping. Plus if I don't need to take it more than 3 months or so I don't want it on my DSP.

    The energy level increase from OLE did plateau after the first bottle. That is when I went to B12 and it gave me another boost. Its the 10% game. Each thing that gives you a leg up makes life better but I haven't got back to pre-disease normal energy if that is possible? Before I began OLE and B12 the Jarrow Dophilus also gave me a 10% energy boost when my guts got straightened out. Helped clear my brain too not having so many toxins to deal with.

    I went to a naturopath out of desperation. I don't know how good he is but he has been soemwhat helpful to get me from square 1 to where I am now. That is 100% more help than my MD, the rheumy or the neurologist gave me. The adrenal fatigue was awful and they didn't know what to do. The naturopath had me do the adrenal stress test. (4 samples of saliva different times of day) The DHEA/pregnenolone has definitely helped but I am still having lesser problems with loss of energy when hot. I'm suppose to be re-tested in May. No, I didn't have autoimmune thyroiditis fortunately. Hope it doesn't crop up too. As far as digestives I am taking Thorne Research Betaine HCL with pepsin before I eat meals and during meals I am taking Thorne's Dipan-9 for my pancreas and Biotics Research - Beta Plus for my gall bladder. My digestive organs were so tender when he pushed on them it was very painful. These have helped enormously. These are all very high priced very pure supplements. I was so toxic I figured I'd stick with them until my system could handle less pure supplements that are cheaper. I also take Thorne's Nutrient 3 for a multi-vitamin. I have read others using Pro Health vitamins and digestives with satisfaction and may use them down the road.

    Yes...this DD is not simple and the complexity keeps us chained up for too long. I aim to get free! :)

    You know it seems like we really do have to be in charge of our own treatment and decide what is best for ourselves. The docs or naturopaths, etc. seem to only do so much and the rest is up to us. This board has really helped me. But also I must say the researching online, the reading library books (like you), reading the articles on this Home page by doctors and researchers. All this has been key to me getting to where I am now. You are doing the greatest thing toward your healing by educating yourself. It is a battle and I appreciate the comrade in arms here.

    Time for bed. Good night. CLD
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    I can`t refer back to read all the messages, so please don`t think I am ignoring any questions if I haven`t answered them. I hope this just about covers it.

    Olive Leaf as you know is a powerful natural antibiotic which prevents regeneration of bacteria and kills ALL Viral, and Yeast growth. - Without the damage of harming the essential good bacteria. , so it should be treated in the same way as the antibiotics you get from the doctor.

    The length of time to take depends on what you are treating. It`s very likely you will always need it from time to time

    If for a cold or flu - two weeks. If you catch at the very start, only three days..
    You can do the same with Echinacea for this.

    But if treating an invasion of bacteria, I suggest 3 months.

    Not sure if you know this but, Mycoplasma is a stealth virus (hides in red blood cells) and can`t be detected in a normal blood test. It starves the red blood cells of all nutriciant and oxygen, which explains why people with ME/FM have such a terrible time.
    The little critters are disguised, and the only way to get them is usually long term Antibiotics, because they can be in the cell for a long time while multiplying.

    As we all know, Antibiotics kill the good bacteria, leaving it wide open for Candida yeast to take over, - hence digestive problems occur and vital nutrients not getting absorbed.
    So it`s a two fold thing now, down the spiral we go..... Need an alternative...

    Not everyone is able to get a diagnonis of what`s causing their illness, that is why we are all floundering in deep water looking for something to hold onto. But I am happy to lay bets that it`s a Viral/Bacteria infection that is the root cause for everyone
    with ME/FM.

    Just for interest, here`s a list of what I take in the way of supplements.

    Vitamin C
    Echinacea - now OLE instead
    Magnesium with calcium & Zinc
    Evening Primrose Oil
    Multi Vits & Minerals
    Have also started Flax Seed Oil now

    So take plenty of rest,& limit stress. Pace yourself, eat only what comes naturally, limit the junk processed food, & diet drinks. Drink lots of water and have supplememts to help the immune system.

    I`m going to stick with this for a while now and see how it goes before I start on anything else.

    Thanks for asking, my daughter is having her op on the foot in June, but from all the lovely replies I guess she`ll be OK.

    I must go now - the In Laws are coming for the day, it`s 10am and i`m still in my dressing gown and have to prepare lunch for them.
    look in later.

    Love Pat.
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    I appreciate that you took the time to catch up with this post while you are busy with company coming to visit. You are such a nice lady and we do appreciate you so much.

    My brain isn't doing to good right now so if I don't make sense it is because the fog just came in. LOL.

    Your good advise is well taken & I agree. I don't dare eat any junk and haven't for months since I connected the bad symptoms to it. It is a little frusterating doing everything so right and only obtaining a certain level of health. My mind thinks what else can I do or take to gain in this battle? I'm fairly new to this DD compared to most here and from what I've read my best chance for complete remission is improved if in the early stages of the disease I get stage 4 sleep, eat right, drink lots of water, rest as needed, keep the viruses, bacteria & yeast in my system down while keeping my digestive system functioning properly to have a chance.

    Well, I am fading here. Hubby just came in for lunch. I'll leave this for now. Just wanted you to know I read your message today. Thanks for all your help & encouragement. CLD