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    Wondering how you are doing? Have you been out in the garden? Haven't seen you around much lately. Hope you are feeling okay.
    Is the OLE still working good for you?
    Are you going to try cytolog? It is so exciting how well it is working for Pat & her daughter. I am strongly considering using it. It is hard for me not to just order it and start but ... guess I will wait a bit and see how they do after a few weeks.
    Hope to hear from you. Missed your posting.
    My very best to you,
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    I have been trying to get ready for my parents to live with me for the summer, which inevitably, requires a lot of cleaning that has gone undone...and yes, I am doing a lot of gardening, too, right now..I want to have some vegetables and flowers blooming..and I have about 200 houseplants to looking after, which I hope to sell this summer..

    I still get feverish symptoms, if I work too hard..and depending on how much I push I can relapse from a few hours to a few days...Do you? I have read how frustrating it has been for you with the root canal teeth, and I definitely can connect with that as it has happened so much to me..and are hoping some good answers will come your way...

    OLE is still working for me, although had to change brands and then went on the off and on schedule..according to how you indicated..and also, taking Oil of Oregano on the off days to keep preventing migraines..

    Yea, the Cytolog sounds really promising..but need to wait to see as I have spent a wad the last few months on all kinds of supplements..really like the GABA...

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    This feverish flu like feeling you speak of when you over do it is exactly what happens to me too. I keep regular tabs on my temperature and it never fails to hit over 100 but this side of 101 when I overdo it. Pace yourself and you can do more is the key to not crashing. It is hard to stop when you are feeling good so set a timer & take a break - sit down or lay down for 15 minutes or so and then go back to the garden or house to work another segment of time. About an hour or so but not over two hours works for me. Drink lots of water too as you already know. My times do vary depending on how good I am feeling in general. Some days working one hour is impossible but less often this happens now thankfully.

    Wowee! 200 houseplants is quite a venture. Hope it turns out to make you a bundle of money. We sure do need it to keep up with all these supplements we need to maintain a low activity lifestyle. Sucks doesn't it?! I am in a mood tonight. LOL.

    My dog is sick with adrenal insuffiency, an enlarged liver, and where they drew blood 3 times on her neck area is purple. The vet is going to draw blood 3-4 more times on Wed. and give her cortisol in between blood draws to test her for Cushings disease. She shouldn't have adrenal insuffiency but the opposite for Cushings but he is scratching his head wondering what else to do. This all seems familiar... do you think she could have CFIDS too? Good grief! Anyway...she is my side kick and I am feeling very upset over all this so my mood reflects it.

    Your parents are going to stay with you all summer? Are you highly compatible? LOL. Hope so. Well, at least you can run out to the garden if it is a bit much. My folks both smoke so it could never work for us to live together. I only visit for a couple of hours and then I have to go as my throat feels thrashed by then.

    Yes, the flowers & the veggies growing make ya feel so good. I find it highly therapeutic. Our carrots are up along with the radishes & broccoli. I have pansies, geraniums, & rhododendrons blooming around our pond. The birds are singing up a storm and eating like pigs. I don't know if I can get another bag of food before they finish it all up.

    Thanks for the good thoughts & glad to hear you like the GABA. L-theanine is great too for keeping the mind calm if you need it. Remember it is suppose to help the immune system also. The two are getting me through this emotional roller coaster ride with my poor dear poochie. It was wonderful to hear from you.

    My very best to you. CLD
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    Hi again,

    I saw that you had a POM in your profile...I always connect with those type dogs..I have, had, in the past had an American Eskimoes, which comes from a long story in the past when I was seven (for another time)...but I like all of those associated breeds with the curly, beautiful tails, intelligent and perky type personalities..I hope that your dog will be OK, but isn't it wild that they can get so many diseases of humans...My dog died a year ago, and I wonder if he had contracted CFIDS, mycoplasma, or something from me, he should have lived a lot longer (my other Eskies had live to ripe old ages of l6 years)...

    I am drinking a lot of green tea, now, so I get my L-Theanine that way..but GABA has helped me with sleep and general calmness..My brain has petered out, now, so I had better rap this up...Talk to you, soon again..and thanks for the good advice..