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    I was wondering if you had time to comment some more on the info on vit C. I found your information very interesting and was wondering what you thought about the connection with what you had to say and oxalates? All these things seem to point to some sort of connective tissue disorder. My thoughts are that all this stems from some kind of bacterial imbalance in the gut that causes us not to be able to process certain nutrients properly. We don't processs vit C and oxalates properly like normal people due and this leads to our feeling of malaise. It seems like what it would feel like to be poisoned at some kind of a low dose of toxin. Hope this makes sense! Any thoughts?
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    I was just wondering if you saw it. Take you time in getting back to me. I hope you get connected again soon. :)
    P.S. If you have time look up the Vulvar Pain Foundation. They have lots of info on oxalates. You don't have to have vulvar pain to have this apply to you. FM is connceted with it, too. They mention in their book that Vit C can also be a problem. Unfortunatly most of their info is in their book and newsletter, not their website.[This Message was Edited on 12/07/2006]
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