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    Several of us are looking for a way to donate our body for ME/CFS research. To date I've had no luck many sites for donate body to science but I want this research to help others who follow me. I've no interest in burning up evidence that might help (my original plan). I know not everyone here will agree but I know some will and it would be a big help in getting answers. Joyce
  2. stschn

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    I'm now #3 on Dr. Montoyas waiting list. I'll have this conversation with him as he and Stanford have been such a help to me. I'll be sure to report here what I come up with either from him or someone as I'm looking every where I can think of. And I would like PROHEALTH to list the information at the top of the board.
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    Check out the following:

    I'd also suggest that for people who are getting biopsies done for other purposes that they consider contacting the WPI ahead of time to see if they would like a tissue sample as well.

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