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    I have CFIdS/Fibro and history of Autonomous Multi NOdular Goiter. Had partial thyroidectomy in 1994 and complete thyroidectomy in Nov. 2007, both due to goiter causing trachael obstruction. My thyroid tale started back in 1983 (age 25) when I was initially diagnosed Hyperthyroid post partum (but doc was SURE I would test Hypo). Only a couple years ago did a doctor test my thyroid antiboidies which were elevated. I started your Methylation protocol March 2007, you may remember, and ran into problems, then had the thyroidectomy in Nov, and now a full year later am doing worse than ever.

    Here's some background leading to me question. My daughter age 25, recently had elevated thyroid antibodies. About 7 years ago she had elevated ANA levels. I want her to get treating this before it becomes a problem. She was VERY sick as a young child and teen, missing 30-40 days of school each year. Was diagnosed with Fibro in Jr. High School. I got her on supplements, did Guai treatment, lives a clean life, eats healthy and by Gods' grace is healthy and fit and excelling at LIFE. We now consider her a NORMAL. Is there any precautions for giving a NORMAL the Methylation supplements? I'm guessing that the Methylation supps along with some Iodine should fix up her thyroid antibodies? Do you have any thoughts?

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    Hi, elliespad.

    Yes, I well remember your experience, and I immortalized it in my post of July 18, 2007. I'm glad that you had your oversized thyroid removed, but sorry to hear that you are not doing better now. I can tell you that because of your experience and the experiences of a couple of others who went hyperthyroid on the methylation block treatment, I have emphasized watching the thyroid to the doctors who are using this treatment in their practices. So far, I haven't heard of any other people who have had thyroid issues (other than having their thyroid function head back toward normal) on this treatment.

    I'm happy to hear that your daughter is normal. With regard to whether the methyation cycle block treatment would be appropriate for her, I recommend that she take the Vitamin Diagnostics methylation pathways panel to find out. It costs $300 and requires an order from a doctor or a chiropracter. Here is the contact information:

    Vitamin Diagnostics, Inc.
    Rt. 35 & Industrial Drive
    Cliffwood Beach, NJ 07735
    Phone:+1 (732) 583-7773
    Fax: +1 (732) 583-7774)

    Lab Director: Tapan Audhya, Ph.D.
    (usually at the lab on Tues. and Wed. from 1 to 3 p.m., Eastern time)

    Dr. Audhya is willing to help doctors with the interpretation of the panel over the phone.

    If it turns out that your daughter has glutathione depletion and a partial methylation cycle block, then I do think she might be a candidate for this treatment, but I recommend that this decision be made with the help of a physician.

    I'm not able to give individual treatment advice unless a doctor is on board to review my suggestions.

    Generally speaking, I think that autoimmune attack on the thyroid proteins occurs when they have sustained damage due to attack by oxidizing species and thus appear to the immune system to be foreign. The methylation cycle block treatment can correct an oxidative stress condition if it is due to glutathione depletion and a methylation cycle block.
    Having sufficient iodine, selenium and tyrosine and minimizing exposure to chlorine, fluorine and bromine are also important to the thyroid gland.

    Best regards,


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    BIG THANK YOU for always taking the time to answer my questions, and at a level I can understand! Just wish more doctors could get on board to help with through this maze.

    Thank you so much.


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