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    Hi, I agree with everything you said about the Pharmaceutical industry. You hit the nail on the head about "Greed". Check out Dr. Mercola's website if you haven't already. He is on a mission to change the Health care system. I hope he can with help from many. It is truly eye opening to realize our health care system does not really care about our health. It's all about money. One of the problems is that most people don"t believe this or won't accept this as truth. I know my grown children think I'm nuts. they won't even consider using alternative products. Drugs have side effects and kill lots of people. I read that some of the drug trial results are doctored to make the drug look good. Who runs the drug study but the Drug industry. Oh well, be well, Jess
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    They are just like any other company they are in bussines to make money not cure what ails you.

    If they were able to cure where would they get their money from then.

    The drug companies are by far the worst. It costs them pennies on the dollar to make the drugs they sell. I'm willing to bet that there are a lot of cures that have been found they just don't let it be known publicly, they can't make money if they cure you but if they can give you have of the cure just enough to help they make tons of money.

    Enough said


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