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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by risinforce, Jan 6, 2006.

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    In regards to my post from yesterday about my ex and men in general:

    You are so right about women being too nice. Boy aren't we though. Or at least some of us are. Some not so nice though. I could care less about sharp clothes or fancy car or dancing. But you make him good looking and tall and I fall over my tongue. LOL.

    I do think that sober, faithful, kind, gentle, sober, caring, loving, sober, Loves kids, Loves God, sober, has a good job, sober oh did I mention sober? makes the difference to me. It's what matters, that and a fabulous sense of humor. i am a hopeless romantic. Wanting the flowers and surprises. Waiting for the candles and rose pedals. Too many movies.

    Those men are out there though, I just never find them. Don't know why either, my sister finds them. Can't figure it out, I'm not a dog, I'm not over weight or anything. Don't get it. Oh well. I'll just keep waiting. I don't dress like a slut maybe that's it (my sister doesn't either though). Hmmmmmm.

    Thanks for the comment I loved it. Any good men advice would be much appreciated. You are one so give me the inside track.

    Hugs to you :)
    Shawn (yes I am a girl with a boy name, maybe that's it)
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    Glad you enjoyed my post. It was intended to be amusing and serious both. As Gore Vidal once said, "If people would just listen to me almost every human problem could be solved."

    One of my coworkers spent all of last year doing flip flops over her boyfriened. I don't mean that's what they did in bed. I mean he moved in, she told him to leave, he left; he'd moved back in, pretty he was out again, etc. Since I retired I don't know if the drama is still going on or not.

    But she never said he had a big flaw, like addiction, abuse, etc. So maybe it will work out.

    My partner says everytime there is some tragic news (Ex-hubby murders former wife and new boyfriend), it just shows straights can't handle romance.

    We've been together 24 years and never had a fight. Disagreements, of course,but never a fight.

    Men in our society are just not raised to be romantic. If you can find one who is, you are pretty lucky. I had a friend who started a "date once a month" to put romance back in the marriage. They took turns planning and arranging some sort of dinner/date/dancing, etc. She said it worked pretty well and she got some nice underwear out of the program.

    Lots o luck, Kiddo.

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